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Canada Internet and Web Design Career College Programs

Internet and Web Design trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Internet and Web Design

The internet has revolutionized the way we look at the world today. From businesses to academic institutions to entertainment companies, everyone has taken their enterprises into the cyber age by setting up websites and interacting over the internet. The need for professional web designers has steadily risen over the years as more people begin to use the internet as a platform for doing business, sometimes exclusively.

The web design field requires that students be constantly up to date with emerging technologies and upgrades in resources. Web designers must also think creatively and discern the best way in which to make a client's website attractive in such a way that it attracts not only repeat customers but new traffic as well. They must also update the site regularly and ensure that there are no glitches or security risks.

Web design training programs will teach students basic web-based computer applications as well as techniques in using them effectively. Students will also learn how to research, design and maintain websites with an emphasis on web development, organizing and sourcing content, designing the layout and arranging the content on the website. Courses will also cover the topic of domain names, UNIX commands, TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP and the use of HTML to create web pages. Students will also learn about languages and applications like XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Microsoft Windows.

The more attractive a website is, the more traffic it will bring. It is the web designer's job to ensure that the website encourages people to explore and enter the site. This may include the use of interactive applications, graphics, video or audio. Web designers can also specialize in the area of web optimization which teaches techniques which will drive more traffic to websites.

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