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Canada Medical Career College Programs

Medical trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.


A growing trend observed in Canadian society today is the need for trained health professionals and the demand for roles like personal health workers and medical administration assistants. A health care graduate can find a vast number of job openings in the market today and can also opt for specialization later on. Health care and medical training offer a great base from which you can build a financially secure and satisfying career.

Basic training in the health care and medical field can offer you employment in a variety of fields, though the field of personal health worker is most in demand. Today there are many aging or invalid patients who opt to stay at home using the services of a personal health care professional. Such a career can be a demanding and challenging one but it is a career with numerous opportunities and possibilities.

Programs designed to train students for a career in health care will cover a number of subjects. All health care professionals will learn the basics of human physiology and anatomy as well as how to provide basic medical care. Students will learn how to take blood pressure readings and monitor the patient's heartbeat, pulse and other vital signs. Students will learn patient care and how to deal with traumatized or abused patients. They will also learn about CPR, first aid and how to perform temporary emergency procedures. Basic inoculations, applying casts, stitches and treating abrasions and wounds are also covered.

Students will also learn about aspects of nutrition and personal hygiene and how to recognize signs of abuse, particularly in children, the elderly or those incapable of looking after themselves. Health care professionals are also taught how to work with family members in times of crisis and to deal with mental health issues as well.

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