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Canada Medical Laboratory Technician Career College Programs

Medical Laboratory Technician trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Medical Laboratory Technician

As the medical field continues to grow each day, the need for qualified medical laboratory technicians has begun to rise. As new forms of testing and analysis enter the market, medical institutions need to be up to date on the latest developments and have a qualified medical laboratory technician on hand. A career in medical laboratory technology can be demanding as technicians need to be up to date on the latest developments in the field. As technology is constantly being upgraded and produced, a technician must be aware of these developments and be in a position to incorporate them into his line of work.

Courses aimed at teaching medical laboratory technology will cover aspects as varied as medicine, technology and chemistry. Students will learn about basic healthcare and the rudiments of physical anatomy, as well as common diseases. Students will then learn about administrative procedures in the medical technician field as well as a basic introduction to the clinical laboratory field. Students will learn about quality assurance methods, laboratory math, circulation, blood, respiration, basic ECG training, microbiology, immunology, the urinary system, urinary analysis, the digestive system, body metabolism and nutrition. Students will also study the functions of the nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system, human development and histology. Most medical laboratory technician programs will also cover first aid, CPR and emergency training as well as career placement options.

The placement rate for graduates of medical technician courses is quite high and many students can find immediate employment in public health laboratories, diagnostic labs, hospitals, quality control labs, medical clinics, private corporations, government institutions and universities. Students can also find suitable jobs in research labs, specimen collection centers and veterinary labs. There is a solid future with scope for further growth for those choosing a career as a medical laboratory technician.

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