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Photography trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.


Photography is a field that has captured the hearts and imagination of everyone ever since its inception. While some simply view photography as a hobby, it is also one of the most lucrative career options in the world. As mass media becomes more advanced, photography too has advanced and changed along with the new technology. Now pictures that were thought impossible to take can be captured with a simple click and with these advancements comes a field that has become all the more creative and demanding.

A career in professional photography involves a large amount of creativity and knowledge of the latest technological advancements. With the advent of digital photography and imaging software, a professional photographer must be aware of both traditional and modern forms of photography. It is an incredibly demanding field but one which can offer wonderful opportunities and financial stability.

Professional photography courses will first cover the fundamentals of photography such as technical operations and the functions of a camera. Though this is the age of digital imaging, courses will also cover dark room techniques such as film development, contact printing and enlarging, paper surfaces, filters and black and white printing. Studio lighting and the manipulation of lighting controls are also taught. Students are also taught how to use a large format camera as well as how to control perspective, shifts, swings and tilts. Courses will also cover the history of photography, photojournalism, photo essays, the importance of visual communication and visual language, natural lighting, Adobe Photoshop, consumer portraiture, stock photography, fashion photography, product and food photography, architecture and sports photography and the way in which to develop a good portfolio. The employment options are numerous for a professional photographer and there is tremendous scope for specialization as well.

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