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Canada Police and Security Guard Training Career College Programs

Police and Security Guard Training trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Police and Security Guard Training

The need for trained police personnel and security guards has experienced a steady rise. Whether in the police force or as part of the security for a large institution or corporation, the need for trained professionals has increased, with a number of private citizens too taking the matter of their own personal safety very seriously.

As the kinds of threats that people face today have grown and changed, police and security guards need to be up to date on modern surveillance methods and technologies as well as proper procedures when dealing with a situation. Programs geared towards teaching potential police personnel or security guards will require a clean bill of health from all candidates, as these courses can be very rigorous.

Students will learn about police procedure in Canada, its history, municipal/provincial/federal laws, powers of arrest and aspects of commercial crime and drug enforcement. They will also be taught cultural awareness and about how to deal with conflict in various situations. They will also learn about communication in law, the Canadian Criminal Code, police powers, court and criminal procedures, the Canadian Charter of Rights and civil and criminal law. Students will also cover investigatory procedures and aspects of surveillance as well as first aid and CPR, fire investigation and confined space rescue. They will learn how to make field notes and build memory skills as well as how to write reports. Courses will also cover crowd control, bomb threats, emergency reaction training, firearms maintenance and use as well as introductions to sociology, psychology and criminology.

Employment options for graduates include security patrols, special events security, working with security hardware and technology or joining the police force. Further specialization and higher studies can open up more opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

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