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Social Services and Community Support trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Social Services and Community Support

Today the need for vibrant and effective social service and community support systems has risen significantly. With the challenges and problems faced by families and youngsters growing each day, a strong social service network contributes significantly in making a positive difference in the lives of many people. As a result, the need for trained and qualified social services professionals has also risen dramatically.

The role of social services and community support has changed significantly in recent times. Sometimes the support of social services may be the only thing a struggling family or an abused child or individual may have. As a result, a social services professional must be trained in order to detect signs of abuse or stress, offer support and help resolve issues. This involves a working knowledge of aspects of psychology, sociology and a number of social sciences.

Programs geared towards teaching social services and community support cover aspects such as the purpose, objectives and functions of social work. They also teach the helping process, which involves assessment, intervention, evaluation and termination. Students learn to develop better communication skills and study the emotional, social, cognitive and physical aspects of human development. Students also study research methodology, community organization, group dynamics and leadership and assessment procedures when dealing with children or adolescents. They gain knowledge of the importance of family relationships and the role of the individual as well as Canadian Social Policy and its legislation. In social services programs students learn about human sexuality and variations in sexual behavior, legal rights and privileges, tribunal systems, report writing, crisis intervention, helping the elderly, substance abuse and aspects of career development.

A career in social services and community support can be a demanding yet fulfilling job opportunity with great potential for the future.

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