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Canada Theatre and Acting Career College Programs

Theatre and Acting trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Theatre and Acting

With the advent of new technology in the fields of film and television, many people thought that the art of theater would disappear forever before the big lights and fanfare of the big screen. However, theater has not only survived but also thrived and grown well into the 20th century, with new plays, theater companies and stages coming up all around the world. Many famous Hollywood stars have also ventured into acting in theater and are seen on stage at Broadway. Theater season is one of the most popular, be it in London or anywhere else in the world.

Theater acting is a well-defined and distinct method of acting that is different from acting and emoting in front of the camera. Courses that teach theater acting give students a consolidated view of how a play is put up, both in front and behind the stage. In this way, the students learn to work as part of a whole, rather than as a separated piece of a larger project.
These courses teach students how to read and analyze dramatic text effectively. They also learn how to develop and use their voice as a tool on stage as well as how to move properly on stage during the play. Students learn about visual expression, technical production, acting, improvisation, group study work, diction, stage design, working with space, creating a set, the history of drama and stage design, front theater management, box-office service, audience analysis and how to critically analyze a performance.

Courses teach students about reading prose and poetry, dance, character interpretation, scene work, makeup, costume, hair design, dramatic literature and the history of the fine arts and their influence on theater.

After successful completion of the course, graduates can find exciting and creative job opportunities at theater houses, with acting troupes or companies or they may opt to study further and specialize in their field.

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