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Canada Trades and Apprenticeship Training Career College Programs

Trades and Apprenticeship Training trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Trades and Apprenticeship Training

Recent studies have shown that the labor situation in Canada is causing a great amount of concern, as rising labor shortages could lead to dire consequences in the future. The government has taken steps to ensure that the needs of the skilled tradesĘ labor market are met and one of those measures is initiating apprenticeship programs across the country.

Trades and apprenticeship programs work under an agreement where the employee receives on-the-job training from the employer. The employer will also pay a certain sum, which is usually less than the ordinary salary rates for that job. Under an apprenticeship, the students learn hands-on skills while they work and on completion of their training period, they will receive a Certificate of Qualification. Most trades and apprenticeship programs will spend up to 80% of the time in the work situation with the rest of the time being spent in the classroom.

Every Canadian province and territory is responsible for their own trades and apprenticeship programs. Canada currently has thirteen different apprenticeship systems and 200 programs operating across the country. The majority of these programs work in conjunction with unions and employers in order to offer the best training programs possible.

Trades and apprenticeship training programs are available at community colleges, private colleges and specialized on-the-job programs. The course schedule will be suited to the type of work the apprenticeship teaches- some popular apprenticeship courses are baking, welding, gas fitting, blasting, auto body repair, heat body installation, gas fitting and hoist operation.

Taking up a trades and apprenticeship program can give a student valuable insight and experience into actual on-the-job situations, providing them the practical expertise to deal with aspects that can't be covered in a classroom. A trades and apprenticeship program is the first step to building a solid future in the skilled trades market.

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