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Writing and Language Studies trade and career programs and courses available in Canada.

Writing and Language Studies

Canada has become a melting pot of numerous cultures and as more and more people come to make a new life for themselves, many of them need to learn a new language to equip them for the Canadian job market. While some of them may have the skills needed to gain employment, they might lack language skills that are also required for their career. Becoming a teacher of writing and language skills is an extremely viable career option for those with strong language skills and a natural aptitude for teaching.

While learning to speak English may be somewhat easy, learning to write effectively in English can be an entirely different matter. In most cases, picking up the spoken aspect of a language can be as easy as mimicking the sounds one hears and learning how to use them. Writing and language are not so easy, as different aspects of grammar and effective composition can make the written word a difficult force to reckon with. Being a writing and language studies professional can be demanding and requires patience and a good deal of creativity on the part of the teacher, in order to teach the rudiments of the English language so that students may use it effectively.

Writing and language studies professionals will need to teach students the basics of grammar including nouns, verbs and tense forms. They will also learn about modal expressions, passive voice, word order, verb tenses, compound sentence structures, gerunds, infinitives, conditional expressions and the basics of editing. Writing and language studies instructors will also devote a large amount of time to practical composition classes, encouraging students to write small paragraphs and then gradually move on to longer written works. Teaching writing and language studies can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career option with numerous prospects for diversification later on.

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