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Rotorworks Inc. offers private and commercial helicopter pilot training programs as well as night ratings. It operates from the Whitecourt Airport, Alberta, Canada. The fact that oilfield and forestry are the two main industries in the area as well as the reality that they both use helicopters ensures that students find placement soon after successfully completion of their training. The programs are available full as well as part-time enabling students to complete the programs at their convenience.

Rotorworks Inc. specializes in training helicopter pilots for the oilfield and gas industry and has provided training to the employees of various commercial helicopter operators in the sector too.

The students can train in Robinson R22 or for a higher fee they can train in the Robinson R44. The institution also offers other programs such as mountain training, operational training and even offers students training in their employer's helicopter. The programs involve ground school as well as training in the helicopters. The Private Pilot Course runs over a duration of 45 hours [can be completed in 3 - 4 months], Commercial Pilot Course comprises of 100 hours of training [can be completed in 4 5 months], the Commercial with Night Rating comprises of 105 hours and Night Rating program comprising of10 hours training.

The deserving students are provided assistance in securing financial aid such as Alberta and Federal student loans as well as student loans from the Royal Bank of Canada.

  • Commercial Pilot Course
  • Initial and Recurrent training
  • Long line Training
  • Mountain Training
  • Operational Training
  • Private Pilot Course
  • Recurrent Training on owner's helicopter
  • Sling Training

    Program Keywords:
  • Helicopter Training
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Pilot Training

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