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Royal Oak College of Design

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The Royal Oak College of Design was established in 1989 in Canada. Today, the college has grown from the simple design and construction programs it initially offered to an institute with global recognition. The programs at Royal College of Design are fully accredited by the relevant body.

The college offers two-year diplomas and one-year certificates in graphic design, interior design, and building design. The college has bought cutting-edge equipment, built new studios, and installed computer design software to train its students. Royal Oak College stresses learning through hands-on training to develop skills needed by the job market. It also teaches students to be creative and to use their imagination.

There is no campus accommodation. However, students have the option of Homestay, which enables them to learn about Canadian culture and improve their English speaking skills. Student counselors are appointed to oversee common student problems like housing, application, visas, and fee payment.

Royal Oak College of Design has students of different cultures from all over North America studying at their campus. The college deals with local employers to get their students entry-level jobs. Most students start out as assistants to graphics artists, interior designers, or architects. They also have the option to be a freelance professional or to start their own business. Visit the college website for admission details.

Key School Links
  • Admissons Information

  • 3ds max 1
  • 3ds max 2
  • AutoCAD 1
  • AutoCAD 3
  • AutoCAD 4
  • Building Design - Certificate
  • Building Design - Diploma
  • English Conversation
  • Graphic Design - Certificate
  • Graphic Design - Diploma
  • Interior Design - Certificate
  • Interior Design - Diploma
  • Practical Wood Furniture

    Program Keywords:
  • Animation and Game Design
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Carpentry and Woodworking
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Drafting and AutoCAD
  • ESL and TOEFL
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Interior Decorating and Design
  • Visual Art and Design

    Campus/School Location(s)
    1. Royal Oak College of Design

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