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Victoria Flying Club

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The Victoria Flying Club provides Professional Flying Instruction & Aircraft Rentals for Recreational & Career Pilots worldwide. The Victoria Flying Club has been in the business of training pilots since 1965. The club has been meeting the requirements of recreational and career flyers for more than six decades now. It has a rich aviation history and has served thousands of people who have an inherent passion for flying.

The Victoria Flying Club has a team of instructors who are thoroughly trained and believe in developing a training schedule for you in accordance with your aptitude and capability. They are committed to teaching you how to achieve your career aspirations. There are some people who love to fly just for the sake of it. And there are others who take flying as a serious career option. The Victoria Flying Club is there to help you no matter how you want to take flying lessons. The members of the club have become astronauts, airline pilots, aerobatic performers, bush pilots, military aviators, and generally good pilots who love to fly for fun.

The club has an exhaustive library stocked with all kinds of books. You can spend hours at the library. The library has a comprehensive collection of videos, books, and magazines for the pilot and aviation aficionados. They can be borrowed by members. From the complete set of B727 pilot operating manuals, aviation-themed novels, to videos—there is everything that is required to brush up your flying knowledge.

Key School Links
  • Admissons Information

  • Aircraft Endorsements
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Float Plane Endorsement C4802
  • Helicopter, Glider and Balloon Pilot Licences
  • Instructor Rating
  • Instument Flight Rules Rating
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Overview Of Pilot Licences
  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Recreational Pilot Permit

    Program Keywords:
  • Aircraft and Aviation
  • Airline Operations
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Computer Networking and Internet Security
  • Flight Training
  • Helicopter Training
  • Instructor and Teacher Training
  • Pilot Training
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sports

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    1. Victoria Flying Club

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