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Waterworks Technology School

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Waterworks Technology School is popular for its job specific training for the Water and Sewer Construction & Maintenance Industry. It merges classroom instruction with hands-on training using the best contemporary mechanism available within the Canadian waterworks industry and promises to teach its students in 3 months the skills to enter the construction and maintenance field of municipal water and wastewater industry.

The eligibility requirement for enrolment is a minimum age of 19 by course start during which entrance will be made on the basis of Mature Status (based upon an individualís assessment and personal abilities to learn). Or else the attainment of a Grade 12 Diploma or equivalent.

The 12 week course offered by Waterworks Technology School provides successful graduates with a Certificate in Waterworks Technology as well as 3 competency based tickets - Fire Hydrant Rebuilds, Butt-fusion Welding HDPE pipe, Drilling & Tapping PVC & Ductile for water services. The training imparted along with help in job finding skills, resumes and interview skills help the students get suitable employment in the Waterworks Industry. They are employed by Utility Contractors, Cities, Towns, Villages, Water Districts, Site Servicing Contractors and Specialty Companies.

Waterworks Technology School believes in a practical approach to learning. It uses the gears of waterworks construction to demonstrate in the classroom, such as fire hydrants, valves, fittings, pipe and others. It believes that practical experience is considered just as significant as academic knowledge when you have to face the challenges of the real world of waterworks construction and maintenance.

Waterworks Technology School is a recognized post-secondary institution holding registration #1735 under the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC. It also has memberships with National Association of Career Colleges & BC Career Colleges Association, Canadian Construction Association British, Columbia Construction Association, Vancouver Regional Construction Association and Canadian Water & Wastewater Association.

Key School Links
  • Admissons Information

  • Active Project - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Air Valves, Disinfection, Pressure Testing, Flushing - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Couplings, Repair Clamps, Manholes/Catchbasins - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Employer needs, Safety, Work Ethic - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Fittings, Configurations - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • HDPE Fusion, Trenchless Technology, Lasers - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Joining Methods, Restraint Methods - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Municipal Specs, Plan Reading, Hydro & Telduct, New products - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Resumes, Job Hunting, Interview Skills, Field Practice - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Valves, Hydrants, Valve Boxes, Chambers - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Water Services, Drilling & Tapping, Corp Brass, Water meters - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Waterworks as an Industry, Terminology - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Waterworks Distribution Warehouse - Certificate in Waterworks Technology
  • Waterworks Pipe & Trenching - Certificate in Waterworks Technology

    Program Keywords:
  • Computer Networking and Internet Security
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Employment and Career Counselling
  • Workplace Safety and WHMIS

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    1. Waterworks Technology School

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