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Wetaskiwin Air Services

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The private pilot license program offered by Wetaskiwin Air Services Ltd. is recognized globally and therefore you can embark on a career in the aviation industry anywhere in the world after doing this course. The program costs around $8000. The training involves 45 hours of flying and 12 hours of solo flying. Cessna 172 and 150 aircraft are used for training. The flight training school also helps students to take the PSTAR and PPAER exams, which is a pre-requisite for anyone seeking a license to be a pilot in Canada. Students can also get additional expert experience with the night endorsement program that equips them to fly at night time. There is also the over the top training which trains students with a private pilotís license to fly over the clouds. This course is important for those who want to become commercial pilots. Wetaskiwin Air Services Ltd. has highly experienced instructors who believe in giving individual attention to each student. The flight school also offers a program on instrument rating which equips students to fly even in unfavorable weather conditions. There is another program which familiarizes trained pilots with flying over mountains. These additional courses are available at around $1900 each. Once you complete all the courses you will be well-skilled to fly in any condition or situation. With a large number of airliners and flight companies entering the fray, pilots are highly in demand and a program from Wetaskiwin Air Services Ltd. could set you up for a rewarding career.

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