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Library offers glimpse into the mind of Isaac Newton
McMaster University | November 16, 2006
A rare first edition of Isaac Newton's Opticks, recently acquired as McMaster University library's two millionth book, has provided the inspiration for an imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration between the library, the Learning Technologies Resource Centre (LTRC) and instructors in the Arts and Science program....[continue]

Lorne Trottier: The gift of passion for stars and sky
McGill University | November 15, 2006
High-tech entrepreneur increases support of science, engineering at McGill...[continue]

U of T faculty win Early Researcher Awards
University of Toronto | November 15, 2006
Thirty researchers from the university and its affiliated hospitals each won the award, given by the province to researchers who are within the first five years of an independent academic career....[continue]

'Sno' Researchers Win Inaugural NSERC Polanyi Award
University of Guelph | November 15, 2006
A group of Canadian scientists — including several from the University of Guelph — are being honoured by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) today for their groundbreaking research on neutrinos....[continue]

York University professor wins Canada’s highest honour for chemistry research
York University | November 15, 2006
York University professor Diethard K. Bohme has won Canada’s most prestigious chemistry prize for his ground-breaking work in ion chemistry and mass spectrometry....[continue]

SNO scientists win first Polanyi Award
Queen's University | November 15, 2006
Scientists from the Queen’s University-led Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) are the first winners of the prestigious John C. Polanyi Award. Valued at $250,000, the new award will be presented annually by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)....[continue]

Young faculty receive provincial awards to build research teams
University of Waterloo | November 8, 2006
Fourteen young faculty members at the University of Waterloo have received Ontario's early researcher awards aimed at helping them build their research teams....[continue]

Six York profs in the running for TVO's Best Lecturer 2007
York University | October 26, 2006
Six York professors have made the ‘top 30’ cut in TVOntario’s competition for Best Lecturer 2007.

Astronaut to land on campusHadfield to help with U of T Fall Campus Days festivities
University of Toronto | October 26, 2006
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will be on hand Saturday, Oct. 28 at Convocation Hall to unveil Canada’s new rover -- our country’s latest contribution to future Moon and Mars explorations....[continue]

SMU Professors Honoured by Destination Halifax
St. Mary's University | October 24, 2006
Last evening, in the Windows Restaurant at the World Trade and Convention Centre (WTCC), Destination Halifax announced the 2006 Ambassador Club Achievement Award Honorees....[continue]

Scientist Awarded $180,000 Space Fellowship
St. Mary's University | October 18, 2006
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced this morning that a Saint Mary’s University professor has received a Fellowship in Space Science....[continue]

UVic Awards 4 Honorary Degrees at Fall Convocation
University of Victoria | October 17, 2006
The University of Victoria will present four honorary degrees during fall convocation ceremonies next month. The recipients represent an eclectic mix of achievement in fields including science, Aboriginal language preservation and journalism....[continue]

COM DEV delivers key instrument for Europe's deep space observatory, UW scientist leads research team
University of Waterloo | October 13, 2006
Canada's largest manufacturer of space hardware subsystems is today unveiling a key component of an international satellite that will, among other things, search for water in the deepest reaches of space....[continue]

Science Seminar Series presents Dr. Stephen Pistorius on 75 years of Medical Physics in Manitoba
Brandon University | October 12, 2006
On Tuesday, October 17 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Dr. Stephen Pistorius, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba titled 75 years of Medical Physics in Manitoba—Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards....[continue]

TIGRESS Has Successful First Run, Will Help Answer Mysteries of the Universe
University of Guelph | October 12, 2006
What makes up the stuff of the universe, from the innards of distant stars to the elements inside you?...[continue]

Space Elevator Team Unveils Latest Prototype for NASA Competition: UBC Team Deemed Most Likely to Win
University of British Columbia | October 11, 2006
A team of UBC engineering and science students will unveil to the media the latest prototype of their space elevator robot, set to compete in the 2006 NASA Beam Power Challenge....[continue]

York U launches major new space test facility
York University | October 11, 2006
York University’s Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science (CRESS) today launched its new space test facility with a lab tour, including a demo of a machine that can simulate the vibrations of a rocket launch....[continue]

SMU In the News
St. Mary's University | October 10, 2006
Dr. J. Colin Dodds, President of Saint Mary’s, was quoted in The Halifax Chronicle Herald where he spoke about the $300,000.00 in funding from NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) to science researchers at Saint Mary’s....[continue]

Elizabeth Dawson becomes Brandon University's first Environmental Sciences graduate
Brandon University | October 3, 2006
Brandon University is pleased to announce that, in October 2006, Elizabeth Dawson will become the first graduate of the Brandon University Environmental Sciences program, which was introduced in September 2003....[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | October 2, 2006
David Thomson (Statistics) discusses his research that uses a radio solar telescope to examine the reasons for dropped cell phone calls in the Globe and Mail....[continue]

Science Seminar Series presents BU's Dr. Tyler Foster (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Bishop's University | September 26, 2006
On Tuesday, October 3 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Dr. Tyler Foster (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brandon University) titled Exploring the Milky Way's Ecosystem: Recycling of Gas on a Galactic Scale....[continue]

$20 Million to Expand Seafloor Observatory
University of Victoria | September 26, 2006
The research capacity of the University of Victoria-led NEPTUNE Canada, the world’s first regional cabled ocean observatory, received a significant boost today with the announcement of an additional $20 million in funding....[continue]

University of New Brunswick - Saint John | September 20, 2006
Working on extraterrestrial materials is not easy. Samples are rare and extremely valuable....[continue]

'Champagne supernova' challenges understanding of how supernovae work
University of Toronto | September 20, 2006
A type Ia supernova breaks Chandrasekhar limit, astronomy's 'standard candles' suddenly variable...[continue]

UBC Astronomers Help Put Einstein’s General Relativity Theory Through Its Most Stringent Test Yet
University of British Columbia | September 14, 2006
Two UBC astronomers are part of an international research team that has shown Einstein’s theory of general relativity is correct to within 0.05%....[continue]

NASA scientist to speak at Mount A, Sept. 19
Mount Allison University | September 14, 2006
Dr. Theodore Gull, a senior scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), will give a presentation entitled Eta Carinae: A Key to Understanding Massive Stars at Mount Allison University on Tuesday, September 19 at 4 p.m. His talk will take place in the Wu Centre (in the Dunn Building) and everyone is welcome to attend....[continue]

UNBC Expands Offerings in Continuing Studies
University of Northern British Columbia | September 11, 2006
A growing demand for courses that appeal to a wide range of professional and personal interests is leading to a record number of courses offered through the UNBC Continuing Studies department. The courses do not count towards a university degree, but provide opportunities to gain work-related and personal skills....[continue]

Nobel Prize Laureate to Deliver Preistman Lectures
University of New Brunswick - Saint John | September 11, 2006
Sir Harold (Harry) Kroto, an English chemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for the discovery of fullerenes, molecules composed entirely of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube, will deliver this year’s Bryan Priestman lectures....[continue]

President Hosts Neighbourood Barbeque
St. Mary's University | September 10, 2006

11 Faculty Receive Almost $300,000.00 in NSERC Funding; Additional scholarships and research awards for Saint Mary’s students announced
St. Mary's University | September 8, 2006
Saint Mary’s University has proven yet again that it’s a leader when it comes to science research in Canada....[continue]

UW offers science and geography degrees combined with aviation
University of Waterloo | September 6, 2006
Aviation enthusiasts will be able to learn to fly while earning a university degree through two new programs offered by the University of Waterloo....[continue]

Thesis Defense Dates for SMU Community
St. Mary's University | August 25, 2006
Marisha Caswell will defend her MA History Thesis, "Criminal Wives in the Old Bailey: Crime and Coverture in Eighteenth-Century London" on August 28, 2006 at 10:00 in the Boardroom, McNally Main....[continue]

SMU in the News
St. Mary's University | August 22, 2006
Dr. Kevin Vessey, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, spoke about outdoor plants on CBC National’s Quirks and Quarks radio program....[continue]

UBC-Led Team Uncovers Faintest Stars Ever Seen in Ancient Star Cluster
University of British Columbia | August 17, 2006
An international team of astronomers led by UBC professor Harvey Richer has uncovered the faintest stars ever seen in any globular star cluster, bringing scientists closer to revealing the formation time of one of the earliest generations of stars in the Universe....[continue]

Baby 'planemos' can be born as twins: U of T astronomy breakthrough Discovery of planetary masses in orbit of one another thrills astronomy community
University of Toronto | August 3, 2006
A team led by a U of T astronomy professor is challenging an existing theoretical model and thrilling the astronomy community with its discovery of a seven-Jupiter-mass companion next to a planemo, or planetary mass object, only twice as heavy...[continue]

Eight York profs vie for TVO's Best Lecturer 2007
York University | July 26, 2006
Producers of "Big Ideas" have selected political science Prof. Olivier Courteaux; humanities Prof. Andrea Davis; theatre Prof. Robert Fothergill; law Prof. Allan Hutchinson; education Prof. Heather Lotherington; political science Prof. Stephen Newman; biology Prof. Mark Vicari; and law Prof. Alan Young. They are among 71 chosen from 155 eligible candidates nominated by students and alumni of 19 Ontario colleges and universities....[continue]

SMU’s New CRC will probe employee health
St. Mary's University | July 19, 2006
A professor at Saint Mary’s University seeks the answers to these questions after having been named the University’s first Canada Research Chair in Industrial/Organizational Psychology....[continue]

Dalhousie’s new Canada Research Chairs seek to understand our changing planet
Dalhousie University | July 19, 2006
From the heights of the atmosphere to the depths of the earth, the two new Canada Research Chairs announced today at Dalhousie will help Canadians learn more about our rapidly changing planet. The chairs were announced today with a funding commitment from the chairs program of $1.9 million....[continue]

U of R physicists’ work may shed light on fate of universe
University of Regina | July 13, 2006
University of Regina physicists’ work on identifying and measuring the high energy, subatomic particles called neutrinos may ultimately help unlock cosmic-scale mysteries, such as that of the fate of the universe....[continue]

Mount A grad nabs only Canadian spot at NASA Academy
Mount Allison University | July 10, 2006
Mount Allison University graduate Kyle Hill ’06 of Yarmouth, NS has been selected to participate in NASA’s Goddard Summer Academy....[continue]



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