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Sea urchins and humans share genes
Simon Fraser University | November 16, 2006
Simon Fraser University molecular biologists have helped a worldwide team of scientists make a discovery that could advance doctors’ understanding of how genetic diseases occur and how to treat them....[continue]

Brain Gain: UVic Attracts Scientific Star From the U.S.
University of Victoria | October 25, 2006
The University of Victoria has attracted one of the world’s leading protein chemists to head the UVic-Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre....[continue]

The University of Ottawa receives $1.7 million from the Ontario Research Fund
University of Ottawa | October 19, 2006
The University of Ottawa is proud to announce that 17 researchers have received grants from the Ministry of Research and Innovation’s Ontario Research Fund to remain at the leading-edge of research in their fields....[continue]

Student inventor competes for top prize
University of Toronto | October 18, 2006
Medical student has many talents...[continue]

CFI to fund new McGill research on aging, infectious diseases, reproduction and muscle cells
McGill University | June 21, 2006
Four exceptional McGill researchers from Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and the Institute of Parasitology have been awarded a total of $709,796 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for projects that will enhance the understanding and diagnosis of diseases and conditions from muscular degeneration to African sleeping disease....[continue]

U of S Spring Convocation Ceremonies Held May 23 - 25
University of Saskatchewan | May 18, 2006
The University of Saskatchewan will honour its graduates and confer 2,800 degrees, diplomas and certificates at the annual Spring Convocation May 23-25 at TCU Place (formerly the Centennial Auditorium) in Saskatoon....[continue]

UVic Researchers Make Their Mark in the World
University of Victoria | March 28, 2006
A world expert on the human use of plants, an internationally renowned physicist, and a historian who brings Canada’s colourful past alive to the world via the Internet are among this year’s winners of the University of Victoria Craigdarroch Research Awards....[continue]

Researchers unravel DNA tangles and enzyme seamstresses
University of Toronto | March 14, 2006
Study explores how DNA strands are carefully unravelled from the nucleus and how a DNA knot can be deadly...[continue]

McGill researchers crack genetic code of Quebec C. difficile
McGill University | December 14, 2005
Researchers at the McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre, MUHC and Jewish General Hospital have collaborated to successfully sequence the genome of a virulent strain of Clostridium difficile prevalent in Quebec since 2003 and similar to strains elsewhere in the world....[continue]

Infectious microbes may adapt faster than believed
Simon Fraser University | December 2, 2005
Simon Fraser University molecular biologist Fiona Brinkman's lab has discovered that infectious disease-causing microbes may adapt considerably faster to efforts to control them than was previously believed ....[continue]

Waterloo to take Manhattan, celebrate at NYSE; Establishes first international office
University of Waterloo | November 18, 2005
A delegation from the University of Waterloo (UW) heads to the Big Apple next week for two grand events that will strengthen the university's foothold in the worlds of international business and finance....[continue]

Dalhousie Presents Lecture on Avian Flu Virus
Dalhousie University | November 8, 2005
The Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science & GINIus present, Interpretation of current events surrounding the avian flu virus, by Dr. Christian Blouin, Thursday Nov. 10th, 11:30-1pm at the Training Centre, GINIus (4th floor of Computer Science building), 5060 University Ave, Halifax....[continue]

The Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research: quick facts
University of Toronto | November 3, 2005
Some of the important research at the new centre...[continue]

Federal funding bolsters health-related research at SFU
Simon Fraser University | October 14, 2005
An infusion of $3.25 million in federal funding will bolster health-related research at Simon Fraser University....[continue]



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