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Food Chain Faces Serious Sting, Says U of G Prof
University of Guelph | November 16, 2006
The decline of the buzzing sound from bees may be music to some people’s ears, but a University of Guelph professor is part of a team of researchers that say shrinking pollinator populations in North America pose a serious threat to our plants, food chain and economy....[continue]

Campus Health Centre offers naturopathic medicine
McMaster University | November 15, 2006
A new service at the Campus Health Centre provides an alternate approach to health care. Beginning Nov. 17, naturopathic medicine will be available for both students and employees of McMaster University....[continue]

New Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research to place Ottawa at forefront of medical revolution
University of Ottawa | November 15, 2006
Stem cell research has the potential to transform medicine and provide pioneering regenerative approaches to treatment of some of the world’s most debilitating diseases, said Dr. Michael Rudnicki, Director of the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, during the Centre’s grand opening ceremony in Ottawa today....[continue]

10 professors receive Early Researcher Awards
Queen's University | November 10, 2006
Ten promising young professors – working on projects ranging from how speech perception changes with aging, to new tools for assessing obesity and the growth of cartilage tissue – will receive Early Researcher Awards from the provincial government....[continue]

Two York profs receive Early Researcher Awards
York University | November 9, 2006
York University professors Denise Henriques and Stephen Wright have been awarded funding under the Ontario government’s Early Researcher Award program for their work in two important fields: the brain’s use of sensory information to control action, and genome research related to Canadian plants....[continue]

Innovative U of S-led Partnership Creates Oat Variety Breakthrough
University of Saskatchewan | November 8, 2006
Livestock producers will soon have access to a new variety of oat with a nutritional profile similar to barley, thanks to an innovative partnership among producers, the provincial government, and the University of Saskatchewan....[continue]

Barcode of Life
Mount Allison University | November 8, 2006
What’s the most effective way to categorize all living species? This sounds like a daunting task but Mount Allison researchers are part of a group who are working on the answer to this question....[continue]

U of G Researchers Debunk Soy Detriments
University of Guelph | November 8, 2006
There have been some mixed messages lately about the dangers of consuming too much soy, but University of Guelph researchers say that making soy products a regular part of a balanced diet will only improve your health....[continue]

Seven Guelph Researchers Get Provincial Support
University of Guelph | November 7, 2006
Seven University of Guelph professors are among 104 leading researchers province-wide who each received $100,000 in support today from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation’s Early Researcher Award program....[continue]

Canada as a bio-energy superpower: towards a sustainable bio-economy
Dalhousie University | November 7, 2006
Energy at Dalhousie Lecture Series: Dalhousie's continuing series of lectures on relevant energy issues sponsored by:[continue]

Malaspina’s Welding Program marks 50th Anniversary
Malaspina University College | November 7, 2006
Like all trades, welding is not what it was 50 years ago when the Vocational Training School (VTS) began offering it in Nanaimo....[continue]

Dramatic film based on research into crab asthma's devastating impact
Memorial University of Newfoundland | November 6, 2006
A 20-minute dramatic film depicting the impact of asthma on snowcrab processing workers, their families and communities in this province, will be publicly screened on Friday, Nov. 10....[continue]

New Arboretum Bridge is A World First
University of Guelph | October 27, 2006
The world’s first footbridge made of wood fibre and plastic composites will be unveiled at the University of Guelph's Arboretum Oct. 30....[continue]

Canada's Top Young Classical Musicians to Perform and Teach at BU
Brandon University | October 25, 2006
The 2006-2007 pro series continues with one of Canada’s fastest rising stars, cellist Denise Djokic. Denise was born in Halifax into a family of musicians – her father Philippe performed at the inaugural Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival this past summer, along with her brother, Marc....[continue]

Greenhouse offers a little slice of paradise
McMaster University | October 25, 2006
Arthur Yeas is a plant's best friend. The greenhouse technician cares for more than 1,000 plants in McMaster's Biology Greenhouse, where he has worked for the past 30 years....[continue]

Global trade in human organs: the body as theatre
University of Regina | October 24, 2006
Globalization has given us a world where borders and boundaries cease to exist....[continue]

Bulb eater crushes mercury concerns
University of Calgary | October 24, 2006
It looks like a robot from a science fiction movie but it only exterminates fluorescent light bulbs.The new bulb eater at the University of Calgary, an alien-looking lamp crushing system, will keep mercury out of landfills and reduce the overall volume of waste....[continue]

Memorial University of Newfoundland to launch I Love MUNdays on Wednesday, Oct. 25
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 23, 2006
Dr. Lilly Walker, dean of Student Affairs and Services, together with Aimee Power, a fourth-year honours psychology student and the current Miss Newfoundland and Labrador, will officially launch I Love MUNdays at 10:15 a.m., on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006, in the University Centre Food Court on Memorial’s St. John’s campus....[continue]

Brandon University students participate in World Water Monitoring Day
Brandon University | October 20, 2006
On Wednesday, October 18, Brandon University Professor and Chair of Botany Dr. Bill Paton and several of his students participated in World Water Monitoring Day....[continue]

McGill expert alert: Clean Air Act/ Environment
McGill University | October 19, 2006
The Harper government will soon table its Clean Air Act in Parliament....[continue]

Science Complex Open for Tours Oct. 26
University of Guelph | October 19, 2006
The U of G community is invited to tour Phase 2A of the science complex Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m....[continue]

UBC Biotech Partnership Produces Implantable Device, Earns National Innovation Award
University of British Columbia | October 18, 2006
A University of British Columbia industry collaboration that produced a therapeutic device implanted in more than two million coronary heart disease patients has earned a Synergy Award for Innovation from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)....[continue]

Three Santamarians will be saluted at Saint Mary’s Fall Convocation
St. Mary's University | October 17, 2006
Saint Mary’s University will be paying tribute to three of its own at this year’s Fall Convocation....[continue]

NSERC rewards McGill innovation
McGill University | October 16, 2006
Winning projects benefit health, food, communications, computer industries...[continue]

Fruit fly 'hibernation' linked to single important gene
University of Toronto | October 16, 2006
Findings have potential to develop new agricultural and medical techniques...[continue]

Breast cancer research pushes the envelope
Simon Fraser University | October 16, 2006
Pioneering research in radiation therapy and cellular manipulation at Simon Fraser University is pushing the envelope in breast cancer research and could help improve patients’ quality of life....[continue]

Acadia University launches Tides are Turning Capital Campaign -- $32.8M raised towards $50M goal
Acadia University | October 13, 2006
C: 902.670.8966...[continue]

Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) launch major new cost-saving energy facility
Queen's University | October 13, 2006
With the launch of the Queen’s-KGH Cogeneration facility (Cogen), two of the city’s largest institutions stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the combined cost of heating and electricity during the first years of operation....[continue]

Stephen Leahey: "Work hard and always give back to your community"
St. Mary's University | October 13, 2006
For Stephen Leahey, there is only one thing that he attributes to his success in life — Saint Mary’s University....[continue]

Years of Service Awards honour long-serving employees
McMaster University | October 12, 2006
Alicia Ryznyk began working at McMaster soon after immigrating to Canada from Poland more than 40 years ago....[continue]

Saint Mary’s Promotes Nova Scotia!
St. Mary's University | October 11, 2006
Saint Mary’s University is among the 12 private-sector organizations that have joined the province to promote Nova Scotia and its attributes wherever they do business....[continue]

Federal Agriculture Researchers Join UPEI and NRC in Unique Bioresources Research
University of Prince Edward Island | October 11, 2006
The Government of Canada today announced $2 million in funding as a capital contribution toward the development of the National Research Council Institute for Nutrisciences and Health (NRC-INH) on the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) campus....[continue]

Reaching out: Memorial University’s Harris Centre identifies partnering opportunities in the Coasts of Bay region
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 6, 2006
It was a rapt audience at the Vancor Motel in Bay d’ Espoir for a rainy Monday night. Ninety people gathered at the local motel on Oct. 2 for a public forum hosted by Memorial’s Harris Centre in partnership with the Coast of Bays Regional Economic Development Board....[continue]

CCEPA Presents: Trust in Science - Setting the Scene: From Magician to Miracle Maker
St. Mary's University | October 6, 2006
In our day to day lives we invest a great deal of trust in science and its institutions to tell us the truth about ourselves, about the world we live in and our place in it - whether it's about the foods we eat, our health, the technologies we use, or our general sense of well-being....[continue]

U of T projects win clean and beautiful city appreciation awards
University of Toronto | October 4, 2006
Bennett Gates and Davenport-Lash Miller garden recognized...[continue]

Renowned Chef Is Executive-in-Residence
University of Guelph | October 3, 2006
A taste of Louisiana is on its way to the University of Guelph this month with the arrival of John Folse, an internationally acclaimed chef who has been named executive-in-residence in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) for the fall semester....[continue]

Elizabeth Dawson becomes Brandon University's first Environmental Sciences graduate
Brandon University | October 3, 2006
Brandon University is pleased to announce that, in October 2006, Elizabeth Dawson will become the first graduate of the Brandon University Environmental Sciences program, which was introduced in September 2003....[continue]

ANDERSON, Kenneth Borden "Moose"
St. Mary's University | October 3, 2006
ANDERSON, Kenneth Borden "Moose" - 1937-2006, passed away at home in the comfort of his family....[continue]

Toyota gift to UW creates graduate awards
University of Waterloo | September 27, 2006
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is donating a one-time gift of $250,000 to the University of Waterloo to help commemorate 20 years of success and corporate leadership in Waterloo Region....[continue]

Campus Ambassador renews lifetime of helping students
Malaspina University College | September 27, 2006
He might have been a beardless Santa, dropping by Malaspina during his off-season to give the gift of guidance to confused, first-year Malaspina University-College students....[continue]



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