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U of S-Led Partnership Launches Anxiety and Depression Research Initiative
University of Saskatchewan | November 17, 2006
Research into anxiety and depression at the University of Saskatchewan receives a $780,000 boost today to develop early diagnosis tools for these debilitating conditions and develop treatments to improve the quality of life of both patients and their caregivers....[continue]

Science Seminar Series presents BU's Dr. Bernadette Ardelli
Brandon University | November 14, 2006
On Tuesday, November 21 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Brandon University's Dr. Bernadette Ardelli, (Department of Zoology), titled Picking Sides in the Biological Arms Race: Parasites Are Winning the Battle but Who Will Win the War?...[continue]

Memorial University inventions receive funding from Springboard Atlantic Inc.
Memorial University of Newfoundland | November 8, 2006
A novel diagnostic marker for pediatric cancer and a wavetimer are just two of the inventions that received awards through two key Springboard Atlantic Inc. programs....[continue]

Young faculty receive provincial awards to build research teams
University of Waterloo | November 8, 2006
Fourteen young faculty members at the University of Waterloo have received Ontario's early researcher awards aimed at helping them build their research teams....[continue]

UVic Plays $4-Million Role in Breast Cancer Study
Victoria University in the University of
Toronto | November 8, 2006

A University of Victoria research team is receiving $4 million over the next five years to develop a new technology for the identification of molecules critical to the early detection of breast cancer....[continue]

Dalhousie University Receives $90,000 in Funding for Commercialization
Dalhousie University | November 6, 2006
A new way to diagnose asthma in children. An innovative approach to chemistry instruction. A novel diagnostic marker for pediatric cancer....[continue]

McGill-Cornell study: Screening, earlier treatment would substantially boost lung cancer survival
McGill University | October 25, 2006
A groundbreaking international program guided by a McGill University researcher shows that proper screening followed by early treatment would dramatically reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer...[continue]

Brain Gain: UVic Attracts Scientific Star From the U.S.
University of Victoria | October 25, 2006
The University of Victoria has attracted one of the world’s leading protein chemists to head the UVic-Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre....[continue]

University of Manitoba | October 23, 2006
University of Manitoba researchers have found that anxiety disorders appear to be independently associated with several physical conditions, including thyroid disease, respiratory disease, arthritis and migraine headaches....[continue]

World-class Health Centre Opens in Vancouver First Major Health Public-Private Partnership Complete
University of British Columbia | October 20, 2006
Premier Gordon Campbell today officially opened the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, an approximately $95-million world-class out-patient care facility, as part of Vancouver General Hospital....[continue]

New Queen's web site keeps doctors in the loop
Queen's University | September 20, 2006
A unique new Queen's University web site is helping doctors around the globe solve one of their most pressing problems: how to keep up with the latest medical developments....[continue]

Dr. Richard Leigh named to the University of Calgary’s GSK-CIHR Professorship in Inflammatory Lung Disease
University of Calgary | September 14, 2006
Research focuses on the functional changes that occur with asthma and other chronic lung diseases...[continue]

Science/engineering researchers receive $23.4 million
Queen's University | September 13, 2006
Professors and students at Queen's University doing research ranging from speech perception and "spintronics" to how we age, less stressful MRI scanners, preserving modern works of art, and preventng injuries at work will receive a total of $23.4 million from Science and Engineering Research Canada (NSERC)....[continue]

Engineers Develop Detector for Mad Cow, Other Prion Diseases
University of Guelph | September 6, 2006
Two University of Guelph engineers have received substantial research funding to continue developing a simple, inexpensive sensor for quick detection of brain-wasting infections related to mad-cow disease....[continue]

Assessing medical treatment pros and cons
McMaster University | August 24, 2006
Goeree appointed as new director of PATH...[continue]

Profs Studying Emerging Fish Virus Make Headlines
University of Guelph | July 28, 2006
U of G professors John Lumsden, Department of Pathobiology, and Rich Moccia, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, were featured in numerous newspaper, radio and TV reports this week regarding their efforts to determine what is killing fish in the Great Lakes basin....[continue]

UVic Startup Receives FDA Clearance
University of Victoria | July 24, 2006
A new medical device created by a University of Victoria spin-off company—which enhances physicians’ ability to measure, monitor and track patients’ pain—has approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States....[continue]

Queen's attracts new Canada Research Chair from France
Queen's University | July 19, 2006
Queen's newest Canada Research Chair comes to the university from the Université d'Angers in France....[continue]

Cancer researchers confirm brain tumour genetic subtype informs treatment, predicts outcome
University of Calgary | July 6, 2006
Research confirms that determining the genetic composition of brain cancers can better inform doctors and patients for treatment options and prognosis....[continue]

New Lab at Western Tackling Tainted Groundwater
University of Western Ontario | June 22, 2006
A new research facility at The University of Western Ontario will help researchers make groundwater safer through the use of technologies developed on the nanoscale - or one billionth of a metre in size....[continue]

University of Ottawa projects receive more than $900,000 in CFI funding
University of Ottawa | June 21, 2006
University of Ottawa researchers in fields from cannabinoid receptors to the cryosphere have received a total of $961,805 in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation....[continue]

AVC's Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre Funds Eight Projects
University of Prince Edward Island | June 16, 2006
Eight projects that will benefit dogs, cats, and horses recently received a total of $240,000 in funding through the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre (SJDAWC) at the Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI....[continue]

Better analysis for better decisions
McMaster University | June 16, 2006
Some of the world's leading researchers who specialize in assessing the costs and benefits of health interventions ranging from pacemakers to diagnostic imaging to new drug therapies will gather at McMaster University next week for a two-day conference....[continue]

London Imaging Discovery Forum
University of Western Ontario | June 15, 2006
Helping astronauts use diagnostic ultrasound in microgravity is just one of the research presentations being made Saturday, June 17 at the first annual London Imaging Discovery (LID) Forum....[continue]

Capital Health and University of Alberta announce opening of $2-million Zeidler gastroenterology centre
University of Alberta | June 2, 2006
Canada's first clinical facility dedicated solely to gastroenterology...[continue]

Local volunteers establish Dr. Noël and Dr. Doreen Joubert Scholarship in Health Studies at Brandon University
Brandon University | May 18, 2006
In September 2004, the Brandon community suffered a tragic loss with the sudden passing of Dr. Noël and Dr. Doreen Joubert....[continue]

U of S Scientists Win Innovation Award for Calf Disease Prevention Research
University of Saskatchewan | May 10, 2006
Two University of Saskatchewan researchers have won the fifth annual Innovation Place-Industry Liaison Office Award of Innovation for their development of a unique way to protect newborn calves against disease....[continue]

Memorial University awarded five Canada Research Chairs
Memorial University of Newfoundland | May 3, 2006
The health of cultured and wild marine animals, local dialects and languages and the challenges coastal communities face are just some of the areas of study that Memorial University’s newest Canada Research Chairs will be exploring....[continue]

Two new health-focussed Canada Research Chairs named to uOttawa
University of Ottawa | April 28, 2006
The University of Ottawa is proud to announce two new Canada Research Chairs from the United States and Australia will join Canada’s university....[continue]

Atlantic Veterinary College Awarded $6 million in Research Funding
University of Prince Edward Island | April 19, 2006
The Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) was recently awarded $6 million in research funding through ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF)....[continue]

The Edmonton Clinic to increase patient accessibility and enhance teaching capability
University of Alberta | April 18, 2006
The University of Alberta and Capital Health today announced the naming of The Edmonton Clinic, formerly the Health Sciences Ambulatory Learning Centre....[continue]

Researchers map 'gene switches' within the human genome
McGill University | April 7, 2006
Researchers have released a "map" of regions in the human genome that work as "switches" for turning genes on and off....[continue]

Microbiologist Wins Top Research Award
University of Guelph | April 5, 2006
A University of Guelph molecular and cellular biology professor has been selected as the winner of the 2006 Roche Diagnostics/CSM Award, the most prestigious award given by the Canadian Society of Microbiologists....[continue]

From trade law to genomics: CFI rewards nine outstanding McGill research projects
McGill University | March 27, 2006
On Monday, March 27, McGill University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Munroe-Blum and Dr. Eliot Phillipson, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), joined the Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry, to announce major new funding for cutting-edge research at Canadian universities....[continue]

Vancouver Island: New home to more inventors and investors
Royal Roads University | March 27, 2006
Vancouver Island post-secondary students and researchers who want to launch businesses have a new resource to help them take their research to the marketplace....[continue]

New Home to More Inventors and Investors
University of Victoria | March 27, 2006
Vancouver Island post-secondary students and researchers who want to launch businesses have a new resource to help them take their research to the marketplace....[continue]

OVC Receives $25 Million from Province to Support Research
University of Guelph | March 24, 2006
The Ontario government budget announced yesterday includes $25 million for the animal health lab at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) for research into emerging diseases such as avian flu and West Nile virus....[continue]

University of Manitoba | March 16, 2006
This afternoon at the Bannatyne Campus, Dr. Emoke Szathmáry, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Manitoba, will formally recognize 27 researchers who have successfully patented new technologies....[continue]

McGill unveils video to prevent youth gambling
McGill University | March 15, 2006
The International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University will unveil the 20-minute docudrama Clean Break, a new youth gambling prevention tool, on March 21....[continue]

Merck Frosst Makes a Magnetic Gift to Bishop’s University
Bishop's University | March 10, 2006
On Friday, March 10th 2006, a new 400 MHz high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) laboratory was inaugurated in the Chemistry Department at Bishop’s University....[continue]



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