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Food Chain Faces Serious Sting, Says U of G Prof
University of Guelph | November 16, 2006
The decline of the buzzing sound from bees may be music to some people’s ears, but a University of Guelph professor is part of a team of researchers that say shrinking pollinator populations in North America pose a serious threat to our plants, food chain and economy....[continue]

Rural Development Centre Officially Opens at Ridgetown
University of Guelph | November 7, 2006
A $7-million education and training centre that will offer rural Ontario residents leading-edge teaching, learning and extension opportunities has opened at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus....[continue]

Greenhouse offers a little slice of paradise
McMaster University | October 25, 2006
Arthur Yeas is a plant's best friend. The greenhouse technician cares for more than 1,000 plants in McMaster's Biology Greenhouse, where he has worked for the past 30 years....[continue]

First Fall Convocation for TRU Features First TRU Master Degree Grads
Thompson Rivers University | September 25, 2006
It’s a fall of firsts for Thompson Rivers University....[continue]

Malaspina’s Centre for Continuing Studies gears up for fall
Malaspina University College | August 21, 2006
The new Malaspina University-College Centre for Continuing Studies Fall Calendar is set to hit your door August 29....[continue]

Bison hunters more advanced than thought: research
University of Calgary | August 14, 2006
A University of Calgary archaeologist has proposed a controversial theory suggesting the First Nations of the Canadian Plains developed complex tribal social structures some 1,700 years earlier than many researchers believe....[continue]

Agriculture and Rural Life Focus of Conference
University College of Cape Breton | July 18, 2006
This week, agriculture and rural like will take centre stage at an Atlantic Canada conference in the heart of Cape Breton Island’s agricultural industry....[continue]

CFI Invests $1.3 Million in U of G Research
University of Guelph | June 21, 2006
The University of Guelph will soon be home to some research "firsts" in Ontario and Canada, thanks to more than $1.3 million in funding announced today by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)....[continue]

Atlantic Agriculture Conference
University College of Cape Breton | June 9, 2006
A conference on agriculture and rural life will take place in the heart of Cape Breton Island’s agricultural industry in July....[continue]

The Brandon University Horticultural Hotline is back for another season!
Brandon University | June 6, 2006
The Brandon University Hort-Line (the Horticultural Hotline) is in operation this year from May 29 to August 18!...[continue]

Laurier grad starts organic revolution
Wilfrid Laurier University | June 1, 2006
Free organic gardening service and produce exchanged for use of urban green space...[continue]

U of G, Royal Botanical Gardens Sign Memo of Understanding
University of Guelph | March 29, 2006
A new relationship between the University of Guelph and Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) means new research opportunities and an enhanced exchange of information between the two....[continue]

Flags to Be At Half-Mast Monday in Memory of Horticulturist, Student
University of Guelph | January 5, 2006
Campus flags will be at half-mast Monday to mark the Saturday memorial service for Henry Kock, a horticulturist at the Arboretum for more than 25 years, who died Dec. 25....[continue]

Holiday Tips, Advice From U of G Faculty, Staff
University of Guelph | December 9, 2005
With the holiday season upon us, University of Guelph faculty and staff have some tips and advice on giving pets as gifts, food safety and wine selection, and seasonal sensitivities....[continue]

Jim Hole named honourary Centenary 2008 co-chair
University of Alberta | October 17, 2005
Prominent Edmonton businessman and U of A alumnus, Jim Hole, will join university president Indira Samarasekera as an honourary co-chair of the University of Alberta's 100th anniversary celebrations in 2008....[continue]



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