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New jazz degree program at Malaspina expands musical palette
Malaspina University College | October 6, 2006
Beethoven didnít blow the blues....[continue]

U of G Prof Publishes 'Insect Collection'
University of Guelph | July 17, 2006
A University of Guelph entomologist has published a new insect book that is so extensive, itís being called "an insect collection between covers."...[continue]

Project Serve Mississippi Wins Innovation Award
University of Guelph | June 20, 2006
A University of Guelph initiative that involved students spending Reading Week helping communities ravaged by hurricane Katrina has earned a national award....[continue]

New technology for traditional industry tests business students
Wilfrid Laurier University | March 23, 2006
A company that manufactures insulated concrete forms (ICF) for residential and commercial construction is asking 391 business students at Wilfrid Laurier University for help increasing awareness of company product in a post-Katrina construction market....[continue]

Creating success: OISE/UT professor studies urban school leadership
University of Toronto | March 6, 2006
Joseph Flessa examines the interplay between school leadership with social and economic inequalities...[continue]

Laurier students travel to Biloxi, Mississippi to assist in cleanup and rebuilding
Wilfrid Laurier University | January 27, 2006
Half a dozen Laurier students deliberately missed the first week of classes in January, but they did so for a good cause: they travelled to Biloxi, Mississippi, to assist in cleaning up and rebuilding the city of 50,000, which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina last August....[continue]

What's left in the path of Katrina holds valuable information
University of Western Ontario | September 19, 2005
The structural damage left in the path of Katrina holds valuable information and Greg Kopp wants to help capture it before the rebuilding begins...[continue]

UW statement on Hurricane Katrina
University of Waterloo | September 8, 2005
All of us at the University of Waterloo have been watching news from the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina with great concern....[continue]

Students displaced by Katrina welcome at Memorial
Memorial University of Newfoundland | September 8, 2005
Memorial University President Axel Meisen says the university welcomes inquiries from students whose plans to attend university this fall were disrupted by the tragic consequences of Hurricane Katrina....[continue]

McGill experts offer insight on Katrina aftermath
McGill University | September 7, 2005
Professors available for comment on the implications of Hurricane Katrina....[continue]

Bubbles explained
Dalhousie University | September 1, 2005
Weīve all seen bubbles in liquids, like soap bubbles or the fizz in pop. But you might not have known that bubbles can also form in solids....[continue]

Students to Spend Reading Week Helping Hurricane Victims, Youths
University of Guelph | February 9, 2005
While most post-secondary students are looking forward to relaxing or catching up on assignments during reading week, nearly 100 students from the University of Guelph will be spending Feb. 20 to 24 assisting with hurricane relief efforts, working with homeless and at-risk youth and learning about native life....[continue]



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