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Visiting UN official focuses on harnessing power of sport

November 14, 2006

Source: University of Toronto

Guest lecture addresses UNís efforts to furthers its agenda through physical activityNov 14/06by Althea Blackburn-Evans

Former Swiss president Adolf Ogi will visit the University of Toronto Nov. 15 to deliver the United Nationsí update on its efforts to use sport as a tool for raising awareness and spreading messages about health, development and peace.

Ogi, the UN under-secretary general and special adviser to Kofi Annan on sport for development and peace, has worked tirelessly to place sport on the global development agenda and has successfully promoted co-operation among development organizations, sports associations and the economic sector.

His public lecture, slated for 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. in Room 307 of the Benson Building of the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, will address the outcomes of the International Year of Sport 2005, a UN initiative to encourage agencies, governments, sports associations, development organizations and researchers to explore the possibilities of sport in promoting education, health and peace.

"Initiatives like this have a tremendous impact that is felt around the world," said Professor Bruce Kidd, dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Health and a strong advocate for development through sport. "Thereís not a place in the developing world where one canít find children playing sport, no matter how rudimentary the facilities and how improvised the equipment. When education is presented within organized sport and physical activity in the school or community, children listen and learn."



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