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Trinity College offers James Bond 101

November 15, 2006

Source: University of Toronto

Club focuses on all things 007Nov 15/06by Jennifer McAfee

Meet Baines, Robert Baines - senior triad member of the Trinity College James Bond Society (TCJBS).

Baines studied classics and philosophy but managed to find the time for an education in all things Bond after the TCJBS’ club day spiel won him over in first year. Now working at a Toronto law firm, he says he’ll find the time to help TCJBS celebrate a new movie and a new Bond with this week’s opening of Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig.

Baines doesn’t go by an alias but most members of the TCJBS carry membership cards assigning them the aliases of Bond characters - good or evil. "It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and that’s what university is for," Baines says. "If you’re interested in something, you can probably make it a club and get others interested too."

Students who fancy the idea of spending the evening in black tie can pull out the tux or the ball gown - and maybe Grandma’s diamonds - to attend regular TCJBS meetings. Black tie is required for dinner in the Junior Common Room at Trinity College, which includes a Bond movie and discussion afterwards.

Some commonly discussed topics include favourite Bond movies, Bond actors and Bond characters. Baines says, "and with much deliberation," that his picks include Dr. No, Sean Connery - the club is unanimous on that one - and Q. Fast cars, gadgets and, of course, the infamous Bond girls are also regularly debated, along with what constitutes the proper martini. Last year Professor Mark Kingwell of philosophy gave members a lesson about the original Bond martini - shaken, not stirred.

Over the years industrious club members have secured autographed TCJBS constitutions from Bond actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore. With such dedication, it’s no surprise that local media have contacted club members for comments and trivia when Bond and his movies are in the spotlight.

Besides regular meetings, the club holds Bond movie marathons that usually start at 9 a.m. and run into the following afternoon. Completing the entire marathon is a rare feat - Baines knows of only one person to have completed it during his time at U of T. The marathon usually falls within an exam period, providing a break for students who drift in to catch a movie before returning to study.

Students who’ve never seen a Bond movie or even heard of James Bond needn’t worry about previous Bond experience. Everyone is welcome in this club. "People have come to the club for their first Bond movie," Baines says. "They usually come back for more."



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