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SMU named a national leader in Humanities Research

November 6, 2006

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts at Saint Mary's University have been recognized for a high rate of publication from 1999-2004.

A recent survey ranks the rate of publication in the Humanities at Saint Mary’s as 6th highest for undergraduate universities across Canada, for Sociology it is ranked in 7th place nationally.

The survey, which measured 69 universities, was just carried out by Research InfoSource, a Canadian provider of research information for the business and higher education sectors.

"We have an impressive team of researchers doing work in the Humanities and Social Sciences," says Dr. Esther E. Enns, Dean of Arts at Saint Mary’s.

"They have a high success rate in competitions for research funding from national granting agencies, and many scholars have won prestigious awards for their work," she adds.

A good example is Dr. John Reid, a professor of History and Atlantic Canada Studies, who was named a 2004 Fellow the Royal Society of Canada. In Sociology, Dr. Henry Veltmeyer is internationally renowned for his extensive publications on international development issues, and Dr. John McMullan is widely known for his work on gambling. Dr. Evangelia Tastsoglou, another sociologist, plays a leadership role in the Atlantic Metropolis Centre doing research in the area of gender, migration and diversity. The Gorsebrook Research Institute, an interdisciplinary forum promoting research relating to the Atlantic region, is another catalyst for the vibrant research culture among social scientists and humanists in the Faculty of Arts at Saint Mary’s. The publications produced by scholars such as these are great resources to many public and private-sector organizations.

Dean Enns comments on the significance of research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for our social, political, economic and intellectual future, explaining that it is central to the Canadian knowledge economy and innovation agenda.

Saint Mary's University is known for its community outreach projects, both in Canada and around the world. Saint Mary's, founded in 1802, is home to one of Canada's leading business schools, a Science Faculty widely known for its cutting-edge research, a comprehensive and innovative Arts Faculty and a vibrant Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


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