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Augustana professor receives Royal Norwegian Order of Merit

November 7, 2006

Dr. Ingrid Urberg, Associate Professor of Scandinavian Studies at Augustana Campus, University of Alberta, today was made an Officer of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for her work in promoting the language and culture of that country.

Ingrid & Ambassador Tor Berntin Naess Dr. Urberg has a PhD in Scandinavian Studies and has taught Norwegian language, Scandinavian culture and literature at Augustana Campus in Camrose since 1994. Norwegian immigrants founded Augustana, which is one of the few institutions in Canada where Norwegian is still taught.

The Order of Merit is bestowed upon foreign and Norwegian nationals who permanently reside outside of the country, and have provided outstanding service in the interests of Norway. The Order was presented to Dr. Urberg by His Excellency Tor Berntin Naess, Ambassador of Norway to Canada Tuesday, November 7, at Augustana Campus.

Dr. Urberg’s exemplary service to the country of her heritage includes an active role as president of the Norwegian Researchers and Teachers Association of North America from 2002-2005. She is the current vice-president of the Association for Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada. Currently, she is researching polar literature and preparing to write a book that will preserve stories about the experience of Norwegian immigrants in Alberta.

"Professor Urberg has great knowledge of Norwegian literature and culture, and with her warm personality she is considered a valuable resource in promoting interest of Norway," said Ambassador Naess.

"The University of Alberta is proud of Dr. Urberg’s accomplishments," said Dr. Roger Epp, dean of Augustana. "She does outstanding work in the classroom, the university and the community." Ingrid & Ambassador Tor Berntin Naess

"It is a great honour to receive this," Dr. Urberg said. "It is meaningful to me that I am receiving this at Augustana Campus and that I can celebrate this with my students, colleagues and friends in the community. I feel passionate about my work because when you learn another language, you start to think differently about your own. That makes us better citizens of the world."

The great-grandchild of Norwegian immigrants to North America, Dr. Urberg grew up with an appreciation of her heritage and began studying the language as an undergraduate at Luther College in Iowa, before earning her masters degree and PhD at the University of Wisconsin.

The Order of Merit reflects Dr. Urberg’s dedication not only to preserving Norwegian heritage, but to teaching her students and the broader community about the important contemporary social and political links between Norway and Canada. Similarities include their solid reputations for peacekeeping and their booming resource-based economies, such as in Alberta. "These two nations can learn a lot from each other and be models for other parts of the world," Dr. Urberg believes.

Dr. Urberg is available for interviews following the presentation ceremony Nov. 7 at Augustana Campus.

For more information please contact: Bev Betkowski Media Relations Officer University of Alberta 780-492-3808

Dr. Ingrid Urberg Associate Professor of Scandinavian Studies Augustana Campus 780-679-1573 File No:

November 7, 2006



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