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Nine uOttawa scientists receive Early Researcher Award

November 7, 2006

OTTAWA, November 7, 2006 — Nine researchers at the University of Ottawa have received an Early Research Award, formerly the Premier’s Research Excellence Awards. The awards, worth approximately $100,000 each, are part of the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, created in 1998 to support research and development initiatives at universities and other research organizations in Ontario, and to encourage public-private partnerships in research.

Here are uOttawa’s laureates:

Kristin Baetz, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology Kristin Baetz is studying the progression of cancer by providing insight into the cellular implications of enzymes which modify chromatin - the structure of DNA and protein. She has established a vibrant research program with collaborative international ties. Dr. Baetz holds a Canada Research Chair in Functional and Chemical Genomics.

Marjorie Brand, Department of Medicine Marjorie Brand is working on deciphering the molecular workings of genes and hopes to advance the development of gene therapy as a viable treatment for a large number of diseases. Dr. Brand holds a Canada Research Chair in the Regulation of Gene Expression.

David Bryce, Department of Chemistry David Bryce is working to better understand the molecules and molecular interactions in heavy metal-based materials. His research will provide insight into the unique properties of functional materials made of these metals.

Antonio Colavita, Department of Neurosciences, Ottawa Health Research Institute Antonio Colavita is examining how neural cells acquire their distinct characteristics, such as their polarized and branched shape. His research focuses particularly on the nervous system of C.elegans, a microscopic organism that has simple and highly stereotypical designs.

Jocelyn Côté, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine Jocelyn Côté is looking at the role of arginine methylation, a modification that is often found in proteins that interact with the RNA molecule of human DNA, and its implication in various diseases. Dr. Côté holds a Canada Research Chair in RNA metabolism in health and disease

Éric Doucet, School of Human Kinetics Éric Doucet is studying the effects of diet, exercise, drugs and functional foods on appetite control in the regulation of body energy reserves. Dr. Doucet is the Scientific Director of the BMRU for Obesity Research and Prevention and is part of the Canadian Obesity Network.

Alan Forster, Department of Medicine Alan Forster will use information technology to measure and improve health care safety for patients. His research will help to avoid medical errors by developing new methods of measuring safety and helping to understand the cause of safety problems.

Ravi Bhardwaj Vedula, Department of Physics Ravi Bhardwaj Vedula is studying how light produced by an ultra-fast laser propagates and interacts with matter, which will allow for improved data transmission and enhanced security. It will also enable laser surgery and treatment and early detection of disease. Dr. Bhardwaj holds a Canada Research Chair in Ultra-fast Laser-Matter Interactions.

Robert Screaton, Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Robert Screaton is identifying new genes that regulate function and survival of pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. His research will lead to new therapies for the treatment of diabetes. Dr. Screaton holds a Canada Research Chair in Apoptotic Signalling.

The Ontario government is investing $30 million over three years as a part of this program. In this round of awards, over $14 million will support 104 researchers working at 22 institutions in 10 communities across the province.



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