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Outstanding alumni honoured at Convocation
McMaster University | November 17, 2006
Three alumni and two future alumni will be honoured for their outstanding achievements at the fall Convocation held today....[continue]

'Sno' Researchers Win Inaugural NSERC Polanyi Award
University of Guelph | November 15, 2006
A group of Canadian scientists — including several from the University of Guelph — are being honoured by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) today for their groundbreaking research on neutrinos....[continue]

A new theory of how much kidney function is enough
Memorial University of Newfoundland | November 10, 2006
An article published today (Nov. 11) in the December issue of the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications proposes a new theory of the need for kidney function....[continue]

Rethinking productivity: Turning the globalization debate on its head
University of Regina | November 7, 2006
Canadian journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis will screen his film, The Take, on Thurs., Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Education Auditorium at the University of Regina, followed by a lecture about the film at 8 p.m....[continue]

Gairdner Award winners taking science to high school students at York U
York University | October 23, 2006
Two award-winning medical research scientists will speak to more than 300 high school students from the Greater Toronto Area on Wednesday, giving them a rare glimpse into the worlds of metabolic engineering and cell function....[continue]

UW Hagey lecturer, Seymour Hersh, to talk about U.S. policy in Middle East
University of Waterloo | October 23, 2006
Acclaimed journalist Seymour Hersh will discuss the role of the United States in the Middle East during a public lecture at the University of Waterloo next month....[continue]

Gairdner Awards bring top medical minds to U of T
University of Toronto | October 20, 2006
Prestigious event here Oct. 24-27...[continue]

University of Manitoba | October 19, 2006
The 14th annual J. B. Rudnyckyj Distinguished Lecture for 2006 features Dr. Yuri Scherbak, an expert on the Chornobyl tragedy and the current political landscape of Ukraine....[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | October 16, 2006
Tom Axworthy’s (Policy Studies) opinion piece about China responding to North Korea’s nuclear testing appears in the Toronto Star....[continue]

Stephen Leahey: "Work hard and always give back to your community"
St. Mary's University | October 13, 2006
For Stephen Leahey, there is only one thing that he attributes to his success in life — Saint Mary’s University....[continue]

TIGRESS Has Successful First Run, Will Help Answer Mysteries of the Universe
University of Guelph | October 12, 2006
What makes up the stuff of the universe, from the innards of distant stars to the elements inside you?...[continue]

New facility boosts biomedical research
Simon Fraser University | October 12, 2006
Mario Pinto, Vice-President, Research:, 604.291.4152SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations: 604.291.3210...[continue]

Royal Roads University Launches Canada’s First MA in Disaster and Emergency Management
Royal Roads University | September 27, 2006
Royal Roads University is launching a Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management – the first graduate program of its kind in Canada....[continue]

U of S Celebrates Dedication of Cameco Plaza
University of Saskatchewan | September 23, 2006
University of Saskatchewan president Peter MacKinnon and Jerry Grandey president and CEO of Cameco Corporation unveiled a town-hall style clock on campus today to mark the official dedication of Cameco Plaza....[continue]

'Champagne supernova' challenges understanding of how supernovae work
University of Toronto | September 20, 2006
A type Ia supernova breaks Chandrasekhar limit, astronomy's 'standard candles' suddenly variable...[continue]

ElderCollege classes kick off the fall season
Malaspina University College | August 30, 2006
You’re never too old to do new tricks or learn them, as many Nanaimo seniors have discovered....[continue]

UBC-Led Team Uncovers Faintest Stars Ever Seen in Ancient Star Cluster
University of British Columbia | August 17, 2006
An international team of astronomers led by UBC professor Harvey Richer has uncovered the faintest stars ever seen in any globular star cluster, bringing scientists closer to revealing the formation time of one of the earliest generations of stars in the Universe....[continue]

Baby 'planemos' can be born as twins: U of T astronomy breakthrough Discovery of planetary masses in orbit of one another thrills astronomy community
University of Toronto | August 3, 2006
A team led by a U of T astronomy professor is challenging an existing theoretical model and thrilling the astronomy community with its discovery of a seven-Jupiter-mass companion next to a planemo, or planetary mass object, only twice as heavy...[continue]

What's the buzz about Shad Valley?
McMaster University | July 31, 2006
A bubbling of chattering voices fills the halls of the DeGroote School of Business in anticipation of the culmination of weeks of learning and hard work. These summertime guests of McMaster's engineering, science and business faculties have gathered for a final presentation of this year's SHAD Valley student prototypes....[continue]

Viking expert attains highest honour
Simon Fraser University | July 28, 2006
The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) has elected Erle Nelson — an SFU archaeologist who discovered a new method of radiocarbon dating in the late-1970s — to its prestigious academies of arts, humanities and sciences. Scholars, artists and writers are elected to the RSC — Canada’s oldest scholarly organization — on the merits and impact of their research....[continue]

UNBC Hosts Second Western Canada Conference on RNA Genetic Research
University of Northern British Columbia | July 22, 2006
50 researchers – primarily from BC and Alberta – will be meeting at UNBC on July 24-25 to present some of their findings on the frontier of genetic research....[continue]

An extraordinary find: Mills receives a family's saga
McMaster University | July 4, 2006
One of the most intriguing new additions to Mills Library's Archives is the Crombie family fonds, a vast and varied collection of letters, illustrated diaries, official documents and pictures that chronicles a farm family's trials and tribulations from 1760 to 2002....[continue]

Dr. Hans Blix: Weapons of Terror
Simon Fraser University | June 23, 2006
Dr. Hans Blix, former head of both the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency and chair of The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, will present the commission's recently released report -...[continue]

CFI Invests $1.3 Million in U of G Research
University of Guelph | June 21, 2006
The University of Guelph will soon be home to some research "firsts" in Ontario and Canada, thanks to more than $1.3 million in funding announced today by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)....[continue]

CFI awards more than $1.4 million to six University of Alberta researhcers
University of Alberta | June 21, 2006
The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced today that it has awarded the University of Alberta more than $1.4 million to support six projects ranging from oil sands engineering to the effect organic contaminants have on human and wildlife health....[continue]

London Imaging Discovery Forum
University of Western Ontario | June 15, 2006
Helping astronauts use diagnostic ultrasound in microgravity is just one of the research presentations being made Saturday, June 17 at the first annual London Imaging Discovery (LID) Forum....[continue]

Smashing young stars leave dwarfs in their wake
McMaster University | June 9, 2006
Astronomers have discovered that the large disks of gas and dust around young stars will fragment if two young stars pass close to each other and form smaller brown dwarfs stars with disks of their own....[continue]

Family & friends applaud Engineering graduates
McMaster University | June 9, 2006
Dofasco President to receive Honorary Degree...[continue]

Reactor team wins national honour
McMaster University | June 8, 2006
McMaster University's Nuclear Reactor - 47 years old this year - has received the annual John S. Hewitt team achievement award by the Canadian Nuclear Society....[continue]

University of New Brunswick - Saint John | June 8, 2006
Three UNB Saint John students are attending the Washington Center in Washington DC to complete a 10 week internship....[continue]

U of G Physicist to Give Herzberg Memorial Lecture
University of Guelph | June 7, 2006
University of Guelph physics professor Ernie McFarland will give the Herzberg Memorial Public Lecture Sunday in conjunction with the 61st annual congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) at Brock University....[continue]

CSI at the CLS: Forensics Highlighted at Canadian Light Source Users' Meeting at the U of S
University of Saskatchewan | June 7, 2006
Television's CSI sleuths use cutting-edge technology to help solve their weekly crimes, but they haven't used a synchrotron - yet....[continue]

Humanities, Arts & Science Convocation
McMaster University | June 6, 2006
The Great Hall at Hamilton Place will see degrees conferred upon 616 students from the Faculty of Humanities and 56 students from the Arts & Science program today in a joint ceremony....[continue]

A Magnet for the Nation: NRC, uOttawa houses Canada's most powerful magnet
University of Ottawa | June 1, 2006
Today, the Government of Canada in partnership with the University of Ottawa and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario officially opened the $15 million NRC W.G. Schneider Building. Named after nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) pioneer and former NRC President, Dr. Schneider, this unique building accommodates two NMR facilities – home to a critical mass of 5 spectrometers....[continue]

Garland to head nuclear Network
McMaster University | June 1, 2006
There has been so much buzz lately around McMaster's nuclear facilities you can't help sensing that a nuclear renaissance is on the horizon....[continue]

Arch Awards honour two high-achieving alumni
University of Calgary | June 1, 2006
A physician and tireless advocate for global survival and a former Olympian and recent med school graduate are the two newest alumni to be named recipients of the Arch Awards, which will be awarded on Monday, June 5....[continue]

Jules Verne was Right
University of Victoria | May 31, 2006
In 1874 the father of science fiction, Jules Verne, predicted hydrogen as a chief energy resource....[continue]

From paper to supercomputers: U of C alum reflects on 40 years of computing
University of Calgary | May 31, 2006
Dr. William R. Pulleyblank stumbled accidentally into computer science, at a time when the university’s only computer was the size of a large office desk, programs were punched onto cardboard cards, and data was spit out onto long strings of paper tape....[continue]

1, 564 students to graduate from Laurentian University
Laurentian University of Sudbury | May 29, 2006
Laurentian University will celebrate its 1,564 new graduates during Spring Convocation ceremonies, 1,253 of which will be recognized at on-campus ceremonies to be held at the Fraser Auditorium from Wednesday, May 31, to Saturday, June 3....[continue]

Drawing in a Nation: NRC, uOttawa home to Canada's most powerful magnet
University of Ottawa | May 25, 2006
The Government of Canada in partnership with the University of Ottawa and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario will officially open the $15M NRC W.G. Schneider Building....[continue]



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