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Source: University of Waterloo

UW joins Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies consortium

October 12, 2006

(Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006) -- The University of Waterloo will hold a special
event next week to officially announce its partnership with one of North
America's leading libraries in Renaissance studies.

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 18, 4 p.m.

WHERE: Environmental Studies 1 building, courtyard and adjacent ES1 room
221, UW campus

PHOTO OP: Students wearing Renaissance costumes

UW has accepted an invitation to join the Newberry Library Center for
Renaissance Studies consortium, a group that includes only three other
Canadian universities: McGill, Alberta and Guelph.

The Newberry Library in Chicago possesses one of the three great collections
of early modern printed books and manuscripts in North America.

"Our membership in the consortium will benefit faculty and graduate students
in a range of disciplines who share an interest in the late medieval and
early modern periods (1200-1800)," said Ken Graham, UW professor of English
language and literature. "Our faculty will also become eligible to teach
seminars at the centre."

The centre runs an extensive program of research seminars and workshops on
topics in medieval and early modern literary and cultural history, drawing
together outstanding scholars and graduate students from around the world.

Its offerings include annual seminars on key literary figures such as
Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes and Milton. As well, the centre holds a top
graduate student conference in medieval and Renaissance studies, along with
continuing programs in the history of the book as well as medieval and
Renaissance paleography.

It is also linked by a reciprocal agreement to the Folger Institute in
Washington, D.C., which runs a comparable program of educational and
research seminars out of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

"These are, in short, the two best programs of their kind in North America,"
Graham said, adding that UW departments benefiting from the membership
include English language and literature, French studies, Italian studies,
Spanish and Latin American studies, classical studies, fine arts, Germanic
and Slavic studies, drama and speech communication, and history.

At the special event, Carla Zecher, the director of the centre, will speak
about the Newberry Library's collections and its programs.


Ken Graham, professor of English language and literature and associate
chair, undergraduate studies, 519-888-4567 ext. 32124 or k2graham at

François Paré, professor and chair of French studies, 519-888-4567 ext.
33394 or fpare at

John Morris, UW media relations, 519-888-4435

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