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CIHR funds 52 McMaster studies

October 13, 2006

by FHS Advancement
October 13, 2006

The EpiDREAM study, one of the world's largest studies of genetic causes of
diabetes in adults and led by McMaster's Dr. Sonia Anand, will be receiving
more than $1.6 million in funding over the next three years from the
Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR).

EpiDREAM is one of 52 McMaster projects worth more than $13 million
announced by CIHR today as part of approvals of 1,633 research studies
Canada-wide worth $348 million.

"I take tremendous pleasure in seeing how CIHR's programs are supporting
talented and committed Canadian researchers in all areas of health and how
their research is leading to important new findings that will benefit all of
us," said Dr. Alan Bernstein, President of the Canadian Institutes of Health

Mamdouh Shoukri, vice-president of research, said: "This funding will boost
an already dynamic and established research foundation. The projects are
varied and will allow for further integrated health research, both here at
McMaster and across the country."

McMaster researchers involved with the EpiDream study will team up with
genetics experts from Quebec and England, as well as industry experts in
genetics and epidemiology to conduct the $5.8 million genetics study. It is
planned that 22,000 DNA samples will be analyzed from participants in 21
countries to find the genetic source for adult-onset, Type 2 diabetes.

"The EpiDREAM genetics study will use cutting edge high throughput genetic
analysis to determine which genes or clusters of genes predispose
individuals to develop type 2 diabetes, and if lifestyle factors such as
diet and physical activity 'turn on or off' genes associated with its
development," said Sonia Anand, associate professor of medicine.

The study will be completed by 2009.

"CIHR's investment in the international EpiDREAM trial will help McMaster
researchers and their colleagues advance the fight against diabetes, a
growing and critical health issue in many countries," said John Kelton, dean
and vice-president of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

McMaster EpiDREAM investigators include Jackie Bosch, Hertzel Gerstein,
Matthew McQueen, Janice Pogue and Salim Yusuf.



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