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ITC wins national award for greenhouse gas control research

October 13, 2006

October 13, 2006
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ITC wins national award for greenhouse gas control research
The University of Regina’s International Test Centre for Carbon Dioxide
Capture (ITC) has earned a prestigious national award for ongoing research
that is helping make Canada a world leader in greenhouse gas reduction

Each year, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
recognizes outstanding research partnerships between Canadian university
researchers and technologies companies by presenting a number of Synergy
Awards for Innovation. On Oct. 16, ITC will receive one of only seven NSERC
Synergy Awards being presented this year.

ITC’s research involves developing technologies for reducing greenhouse gas
emissions, focusing on effective CO2 capture techniques and finding new
industrial uses for CO2 gas. Research such as this will enable industries to
continue using economical and reliable fossil fuel resources for power
generation, while greatly reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the
atmosphere. At the same time, ITC’s work will help nations respond to their
international environmental commitments on climate change.

"We are very honoured to receive a 2006 Synergy Award," said Paitoon
Tontiwachwuthikul, the University of Regina researcher who leads the ITC
research team. "Being recognized in this way demonstrates that universities
can partner effectively with industry to produce tangible environmental and
economic benefits on a national level."

Sponsors of the ITC research consist of industry and government partners
such as: SaskPower, EnCana Corp., Energy INet, HTC Purenergy, Babcock &
Wilcox, Neill & Gunter, E.On, Saudi Aramco, the Research Institute of
Innovative Technology for the Earth - Japan, Saskatchewan Industry and
Resources, the Alberta Energy Research Institute, Natural Resources Canada
and the University of Waterloo.

Together, these national and international partners give ITC the world’s
most comprehensive and leading-edge CO2 capture program, according to
University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Hawkins.

"In addition to building on the recognized expertise at the University of
Regina, ITC brings together a world-class group of provincial, national and
international partners," Hawkins said. "Receiving an NSERC Synergy Award for
Innovation is another example of how the University of Regina and its ITC
partners are leading the way by developing practical solutions to challenges
that are global in nature."

NSERC President Suzanne Fortier agrees. "The Synergy prizes celebrate those
partnerships that stand out as leaders in transferring tangible research
results to the community by connecting the best and brightest of Canada’s
university researchers with the most innovative leaders in the private
sector," she said.

Tontiwachwuthikul will accept the 2006 NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation on
behalf of ITC at a ceremony to be held in Winnipeg on the evening of Oct.




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