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Exhibition reveals the impact of pop culture on the general public

October 16, 2006


Suzanne Luke
Curator/Art Gallery Co-ordinator
(519) 884-0710 ext. 3801

WATERLOO Ė The Robert Langen Art Gallery will feature the works of artist
Daryl Vocat in an exhibition entitled The Translatorís Conundrum. The
exhibit, which runs from October 18 to November 11, 2006, uses elements of
literature and pop culture to explore the cultural and social ideologies
that affect how we understand ourselves.

By collecting, interpreting and recombining information to examine how ideas
are understood, this series of screen prints looks at old information in new
ways, and examines the intersections between natural, cultural and social

"The Conundrum asserts that art is a form of communication, and that a key
element of creative practices is the act of translation," explains Vocat.
"Within the leap from self to other, from assertion to interpretation,
behind the desire to communicate, lies the translatorís conundrum."

Vocat completed his bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Regina
in Saskatchewan, and his master of fine arts degree at York University in
Toronto. He has exhibited extensively in Canada and the United States.
Vocatís solo exhibitions include: Open Studio, Toronto; SNAP gallery,
Edmonton; Eastern Edge Gallery, St John's; James K. Bartleman Art Gallery,
Elliot Lake and Malaspina Printmakers Gallery, Vancouver. His works will
also be featured in an upcoming 2006 exhibition at The Project Room in the
York Quay Gallery in Toronto.

As Wilfrid Laurier Universityís visual arts centre since 1989, the Robert
Langen Art Gallery provides knowledge, stewardship, appreciation and
enjoyment of Canadian art and culture to the local community. The gallery is
located in the John Aird Centre and is open noon to 5 p.m. from Wednesdays
to Saturdays. Admission is free.




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