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October 16, 2006

the 2006 Fall Convocation, three individuals will be given particular
distinction for their work and commitment to the University and the people
of Manitoba: Dr. John Foerster, Dr. Garry Martin and Ms Natalie Denesovych.

The Distinguished Alumni Award is an honour presented annually to a graduate
who demonstrates outstanding professional achievement and community service,
and who also maintains links with the University of Manitoba. Internal
medicine specialist Dr John Foerster will be receiving this award.

Dr. John Foerster graduated in medicine in 1961 and is recognized for his
contribution to the university, to the medical profession and to advancing
medical research in Manitoba. The commitment he has demonstrated through
professional and volunteer activities encompasses a broad scope of influence
in all aspects of life. He is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a
specialist in hematology and oncology.

After graduate studies in Salt Lake City, New York City and at the National
Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, he returned to the University of
Manitoba in 1969 and, until 1975, worked at the Cancer Foundation and
Childrenís Hospital. He then joined St. Boniface as head of internal
medicine in 1975 and was instrumental in the development of the St. Boniface
Hospital Research Centre, becoming director in 1986, which has since grown
into a $20.5 million research endeavour.

In the medical community, Dr. Foerster has served on local, national and
international committees, including: the Canada West Health Innovation
Council and the Manitoba Task Force for Building a Health Research Strategy
for Manitoba. He was one of two Canadian delegates to the Carnegie Expert
Meeting on Bioethics in Tokyo, Japan, and was a Canadian delegate and
contributor to the Advisory to G7 Ministers of Science.

For his accomplishments, Dr. Foerster has received awards and honours
including the Manitoba Order of the Buffalo Hunt in 1989, the Manitoba
Medical Association Distinguished Service Award in 1997, the "Who is Who in
Health Care" Annual Award by Canadian Healthcare Manager in 2000, and the
St. Boniface General Hospital and Research Foundation International Award in

Dr. Foerster and his wife are members of the McDermot Avenue Baptist Church
in Winnipeg. He has served as a board member of the North American Baptist
Seminary and received the Providence College and Seminary Distinguished
Christian Leadership Award in 2000. In the local community, he has served as
a board member for Meadowood Manor.

October 18 Session

The Dr. John M. Bowman Memorial Winnipeg Rh Institute Foundation Award
recognizes research accomplishments of senior faculty according to the
quality of their research, the impact of the research nationally and
internationally, and the distinction brought to the university by the
research. The award is named after the late Dr. Bowman who was a Winnipeg
pediatrician, a leading researcher into Rh Disease, and founder of the
Winnipeg Rh Institute. Dr. Garry L. Martin, psychology, Faculty of Arts,
will receive this award.

Dr. Garry Martin is one of Canadaís most acclaimed psychologists, and he has
earned an international reputation as a leading researcher in developmental
disabilities and sport psychology. He was instrumental in establishing the
applied behaviour analysis program in the Department of Psychology, as well
as the research and training programs at St. Amant Centre, where his work
has had a profound, positive impact on the well-being of Manitobans with
developmental disabilities.

Dr. Martin was one of the first applied psychologists to show that persons
with severe developmental disabilities are capable of learning functional
skills if provided with positive learning environments. His work formed much
of the foundation of the community living movement in Canada, and today,
thanks to his pioneering research, many people with developmental
disabilities lead productive lives in the community.

Dr. Martinís expertise in behaviour analysis has also significantly
influenced sport psychology, and his research produced new strategies for
improving the skills of athletes, motivating athletes to get the most out of
practice time, improving the performance of coaches, and helping athletes
mentally prepare to perform at their full potential.

Dr. Martin has authored or co-authored more than 100 journal articles, book
chapters and books, including Behavior Modification, widely considered to be
the single best textbook in the field.; now in its 7th edition it is a
primary text at over 200 universities in 12 countries. He has supervised 59
graduate research theses, and has supervised or co-supervised 31 honours
students. He has served as an editorial board member on leading psychology
journals, and served as a provincial, national and international consultant.
Over the course of his career, he has received many prestigious awards for
his research contributions. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society
of Canada in 2001.

A graduate of Colorado College and Arizona State University, Dr. Martin
joined the University of Manitoba in 1966. He received the title of
University Distinguished Professor in 2006.

October 18 Session

The Presidentís Award celebrates the exceptional contributions of support
staff. The recipient is someone who has achieved distinction during their
career at the university, serves as an example to other employees,
demonstrates a high level of professionalism, consistently goes beyond the
requirements of their position, demonstrates leadership and creativity, and
promotes a respectful and positive work environment. The award consists of a
certificate of recognition and a financial prize, presented at Convocation.
Natalie Denesovych, manager of University Centre Services and Special
Functions, will receive this award.

Ms Denesovych is the catalyst who has made many on-campus events truly
special occasions. She joined the university in 1967 and since then her
personal energy, organizational ability, willingness to solve problems and
commitment to the university combined to bring her to her current role. The
management of University Centre is a unique challenge because the building
is a shared space between the university and the Studentsí Union; Ms
Denesovych handles this aspect of her job with tact and firmness such that
University Centre is an effective and efficiently run multi-purpose and
multi-tenant complex. To individuals and organizations who arrange events
and conferences at the university, Ms Denesovych is the "face of the
university", the point of contact through which they organize their

Ms Densovychís unique abilities were amply demonstrated during the 1999 Pan
American Games when she organized the facilities and services for the
Athletesí Village, and during the 2004 Congress of the Humanities and Social
Sciences when 7,000 delegates attended meetings on campus over a nine-day
period. Both events required last minute adjustments to plans while still
operating within policies, rules and guidelines. Ms Denesovych rose to the
challenge such that the national organizers of the 2004 congress declared it
one of the best ever.

The claim that "it canít be done" is typically a challenge to Ms Denesovych
to find a creative solution. Her problem solving success is due not only to
her vast knowledge of the university, but also to the network of goodwill
that she has established throughout the campus Ė colleagues make the extra
effort to help her because she treats them with respect and pays back the
favour when it is in her power to do so.

In addition to her work at the university, Ms Denesovych serves as the
honorary consul for Norway in Manitoba and is well-known for her efforts at
promoting Norwegian community and culture. She was instrumental in arranging
the first-ever exhibition of Norwegian artifacts at the Manitoba Museum last

October 19 Session

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