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A "Musing" Exhibit by Cape Breton Artist Opens Friday

October 18, 2006

NS) – Cape Breton University Art Gallery will display a "Musing" exhibit by
a local Cape Breton artist. Opening with a reception on Friday, October 20
at 7:00 p.m, the exhibit will run until November 17 and feature 44 recent
watercolor paintings by Dominion, NS based artist Kenny Boone.

The show entitled "Musing" will be Boone’s second solo show at the
university Art Gallery. Subject matter will vary from representational
landscapes to figurative works and for the first time, abstract paintings.

According to Boone, the title "Musing" was chosen because of the recognized
energy his muses had contributed to the completion of all of the work in his
collection. "The work in this collection is the result of the sometimes
unpredictable and always powerful creative energy that comes from that
electric charge when both muse and musing connect," states Boone. "The
rollercoaster of reflection and creative output, of light and enlightenment,
of spirit and imagination have made this show particularly exciting."

Boone will speak about the current direction his work is taking at the Cape
Breton University Art Gallery on Tuesday, October 24 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. The
public is welcome to attend.

Painting professionally since the early 1990’s, in recent years, his
creative curiosity has spurred his exploration from a more traditional
approach; his painting has evolved into a fluid and sensual form of

"Working full-time as a visual artist for over 16 years has meant many
changes in my style and choice of subject matter. Maturing as an artist can
only happen with the passing of time and life’s experiences, resulting in
more complex creative works," says Boone. "My perception of the world around
me provides an infinite supply of subject matter necessary to keep myself
alive as a creative being."



For more information contact:

Suzanne Crowdis
Art Gallery Coordinator, Cape Breton University
Tel: (902) 563-1342

Kelly Rose
Communications Officer, Cape Breton University
Tel: (902) 563-1638

1250 Grand Lake Rd.
Sydney, NS



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