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Acadia Graduate, Brennan Caverhill, Wins First Environmental Leadership Award

October 19, 2006

(Wolfville, NS) - Acadia Universityís Arthur Irving Academy for the
Environment has awarded its first Environmental Leadership Award to 2006
M.Sc. graduate Brennan Caverhill. The Award is given to one graduating
student or to a group of students (at least one of whom is graduating) who
has demonstrated exceptional environmental leadership during the previous
year at Acadia University.

"Of the more than 90 honours and graduate students I have supervised over
the past 28 years, Brennan is certainly one of the most outstanding, " said
Acadia Biology professor Dr. Tom Herman, who nominated Brennan for the
Award. "Among this group, in terms of Environmental Leadership at this stage
of his career, I would certainly have to rank him as number one."

Over the past four years, Brennan, a Deanís List and University Scholar from
Woodstock, NB, has integrated himself into the small rural community of
Pleasant River, NS, in an effort to conserve and protect one of the three
known Nova Scotia populations of the Endangered Blanding's turtle. Brennanís
enthusiasm is infectious and he has a remarkable track record of
achievements, including:

  • Establishing a nest monitoring program for landowners in the Pleasant
    River area to monitor and protect nests of Blanding's turtles on their
    properties and an informal reporting network for species-at-risk sightings
    in the area.

  • Delivering dozens of public presentations on species-at-risk to
    schools, service groups, and naturalist clubs. He has also given
    presentations at regional, national and international academic conferences
    on his work at Pleasant River, winning the Best Student Paper award at the
    Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network Annual Meeting in Ottawa
    in September 2005.

  • Organizing two environmental 'paddle-bike-hike-a-thons' in southwest
    Nova Scotia to raise awareness about species-at-risk and funds for worthy
    causes (IWK Children's Hospital Nature Awareness Program; Pleasant River
    Community Hall and Community Park Fund).

  • Contributing to the design and participating in Mermaid Theatre
    production on species-at-risk.

    "The Blanding's turtles at Pleasant River are now considerably more secure
    than they were five years ago. Hundreds of southwest Nova Scotia residents,
    from pre-school to seniors, are better informed about species-at-risk, more
    aware of the unique organisms in their own backyard, and in a better
    position to serve as advocates themselves for conserving biodiversity," said
    Dr. Herman.

    The Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment is a recognized centre of
    scholarship on environmental issues, generating new knowledge and applying
    it to the resolution of environmental problems. It develops and disseminates
    holistic, trans-disciplinary approaches to environmental management,
    conservation, and sustainability of human communities. For more information,
    please visit

    Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, is recognized as one of
    Canadaís premier undergraduate institutions. With its nationally and
    internationally recognized research initiatives, small class sizes, and its
    technology-rich teaching and learning environment, Acadia offers students a
    personalized education that includes rigorous academic programs combined
    with personal growth and development. For more information about Acadia,
    visit our website at


    For more information contact:
    Dr. Graham Daborn
    Arthur Irving Academy for the Environement
    P: 902.585.1118

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