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Dr. Angus Johnston's Rock Star Status Confirmed

October 19, 2006

Angus Johnston's rock star status has been confirmed. A familiar presence at
the University of King's College since 1977, his face can now be seen around
campus in a whole new way. Caleb Langille, a student in the Foundation Year
Programme (FYP) can often be spotted in The Quad making, selling and wearing
his new Angus Johnston t-shirts.

"I've been making my own t-shirts," he says, lifting his sweater to display
a self-made John Candy shirt. "I was cutting out stencils and spray painting
them onto t-shirts, and realized after a while that I couldn't afford to
keep buying more t-shirts and spray paint unless I made money somehow. Angus
Johnston is the logical extension of that because he's so popular. He's
well-liked by everyone."

The St. Margaret's Bay native says that he found a picture of Dr. Johnston
on the King's website and made a stencil image using Photoshop, then created
his stencil using empty cereal boxes from Sodexho. On the backs of the new
shirts, he emblazons a memorable quote from one of Johnston's FYP lectures.

"It's 'The actuality of potentiality qua potentiality,' from his Aristotle
lecture," he explains. "It's Aristotle's critique of Plato; that Plato
doesn't account for movement without change. It's a complex quote and it was
the fundamental thesis of his Aristotle lecture. After he said it, everyone
went around repeating it for days."

While he's only been stenciling for a month, Langille's style is catching on
he's already sold more than 20 shirts at $10 apiece including one to
Johnston, himself.

"My original plan was to have everyone who bought them wear them to his last
lecture, but he didn't notice," he says. "But afterwards, he heard about it
and bought one, then mentioned it the next day in lecture."

When asked about his newfound celebrity, Johnston sees several positive
aspects to Langille's endeavor.

"I love the quotation," he says. "It's one of my favorite lines of
Aristotle's, so I think it's great that people are thinking about the
actuality of potentiality qua potentiality. And, as I said the other day in
lecture hall, I find it very encouraging that in a small place like King's,
we have a friendly banter between students and faculty. It says something
about our sense of community."

While Langille continues to tout his wares, Johnston is already looking
ahead to his student's next project:

"Maybe Alan Hall will be next. Tom Curran would be great, too, and we need a
Bill Barker, a Susan Dodd...collect them all!"



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