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Innovative discussion series tackles issues of law, religion and society

October 19, 2006

Next event slated
for Oct. 20
Oct 19/06
by Jane Kidner and Ana Manao

In 2006, Islamic religious issues dominated media headlines. What can we
learn about the portrayal of this controversial religion in the media and
its relevance to our day-to-day lives?

In response to growing public awareness about religion and its influence on
modern society, U of T’s Faculty of Law has initiated a discussion series
entitled Law, Religion and Society. The second session, Apostates, Cartoons
and Islamic Law: Beyond the Headlines, will take place Oct. 20 from 3:30
p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Flavelle House, Faculty of Law, 78 Queen’s Park. The
discussion will be broadcast live on the web.

Professor Anver Emon, an expert in Islamic law and legal history, will place
recent events in the context of Islamic legal history and the growing debate
surrounding religious pluralism in liberal states like Canada. By discussing
incidents such as the Danish cartoon controversy and the case against Abdul
Rahman, an Afghan man who converted from Islam to Christianity, Emon will
illustrate how complex legal doctrines, social contexts and histories were
at play.

"With this new discussion series, the law school aims to build public
awareness about the connection between the law and deeply held religious
views," said Professor Mayo Moran, dean of law. "Our faculty is committed to
the centrality of freedom of expression in a pluralistic society and is a
leader in facilitating the exchange of meaningful discussions about
important societal issues."

Last year, in direct response to growing interest in the subject area, the
Faculty of Law was the first law school in Canada to add two Islamic law
scholars to its already vibrant and diverse faculty, Professors Anver Emon
and Mohammad Fadel.

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