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Thibaut Duverneix

October 19, 2006

19, 2006

Multimedia artist and performer


Originally from France, Thibaut Duverneix began his exploration in art as a
musician. Although classically trained, Thibaut quickly became interested in
contemporary and electro acoustic styles. He has completed a diploma
specializing in programation and numeric imaging from IUT du Puy, in France.
In 2002, he began his studies of image and photography at Poitiers, a Fine
Arts institution concentrated specifically in the contemporary milieu. He
received his diploma in 2005 with congratulations from the jury. Currently
he is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in computering art and digital art
practice at Concordia University. An advocate for the "home made," Thibaut
integrates the concept of auto production an auto diffusion into his work, a
conscious choice that has the potential to either increase or decrease
access to his work. Recently, his work has explored the representation of
space, time and displacement within the same dimension.


Many aspects of my work are derived from the same question. This problematic
examines how we perceive the universe in which we both evolve and invest
ourselves. Referencing Aldous Huxley: "The doors of Perception," this
precept is identified.

I am intrigued by the representation of our environment though the senses.
Thus, I am working towards discovering how to integrate my own graphic and
sensorial universe into our existing one. Part of my work is a study of body
movement and its engagement in space during a given time. Navigating between
the physical, philosophy, dreams, sensations, fantasy, human relations, and
poetry, an environment emerges that ascribes to a certain sense of
romanticism. This attribution occurs through a dislocation of time and

Until recently, I had been working with passive mediums such as video and
photography. I began with the still photo and then was attracted to the
movement of video. Currently, my problematic pushes me towards more
interactive sources of technology. Soon after working with video, I started
developing web interfaces that act to expand my universe, the goal being to
embed the spectator/user into my work and offer them an experience.

Tanya Churchmuch
Senior Media Relations Advisor
Concordia University
Phone: (514) 848-2424, ext. 2518
Cell: (514) 518-3336
Fax: (514) 848-3383



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