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Prospective Students Love SMU

October 20, 2006

High school
students from the region had the time of their lives at this afternoon’s
Open House at Saint Mary’s.

Over 500 students registered today had the chance to learn more about degree
programs — Arts, Commerce, Science and Graduate Studies and Research —
available, as well became familiarized with campus life and the
international experience they can gain while students.

"SMU is the University I will be attending," says John Dean, a local high
school student.

He will be enrolling in the Faculty of Arts next fall.

"The University has so much to offer, especially when it comes to
international mobility programs. I can’t wait to be a student here next
year," he smiles.

Other students raved about the University.

"The University has a really neat campus environment," says Sarah Donald, a
local high school student.

"I know that no matter what degree I earn — Arts or Commerce or Science —
that I can work anywhere I want in any part of the world.

There was information sessions held all around campus this afternoon. A
large number of SMU student volunteers provided campus tours. As well, high
school students enjoyed the Cultural Extravaganza that took place in a large
tent set up next to the Tower Gym.

"I feel like so cultured after attending the Cultural Extravaganza," says
Sonia Palmer, a local high school student.

"The University has put on an amazing show today and you can count on me
being here next fall," adds Palmer.

Today’s Open House event was hosted by the University’s Recruitment Office.

The next open house, which is slated for next March, is expected to draw
over 700 prospective students.

Saint Mary's University is known for its community outreach projects, both
in Canada and around the world. Saint Mary's, founded in 1802, is home to
one of Canada's leading business schools, a Science Faculty widely known for
its cutting-edge research, a comprehensive and innovative Arts Faculty and a
vibrant Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


For More Information:

Paul Fitzgerald
Public Affairs Officer
Saint Mary's University, Public Affairs
(902) 420.5514



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