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SWGC: Grenfell contingent to attend First International Symposium on the Oil & Gas Resources of Western Newfoundland

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October 24, 2005

Source: Memorial University of Newfoundland:

SWGC: Grenfell contingent to attend First International Symposium on the Oil & Gas Resources of Western Newfoundland

Three Grenfell College employees will attend the First International Symposium on the Oil & Gas Resources of Western Newfoundland, being held this week at Humber Valley Resort Oct. 25 and 26.

Dr. Don-Roger Parkinson, Environmental Science (chemistry), Dr. Pierre Rouleau, Environment Science (physics), and Mr. Dean Strickland, Environmental Science (chemistry), will attend the symposium.

The forum will inform explorers to the significant potential of onshore and offshore Western Newfoundlandand provide participants with the opportunity to meet representatives of research institutions, current landholders and energy officials. GrenfellCollegehas a supporting role in the organization of the symposium, having collaborated with the Corner Brook Board of Trade to provide research and education expertise.

"Primarily I am attending the Oil and Gas conference to gain up-to-date information on possible exploration of oil and petroleum reserves in and around Newfoundland," said Dr. Parkinson. "In particular, I want to learn about any special problems and/or characteristics of such reserves situated around this island."

Dr. Parkinsonís research interests involve the development of new analytical methods for the identification of petroleum products, the assessment of petroleum contaminated water and the results when such contaminants undergo water purification reactions.

Similarly, Mr. Stricklandís research focuses on water quality analysis.

"I hope to become more informed about the potential for oil and gas activity in western Newfoundland and to seek opportunities for potential collaborative research with the petroleum sector," said Mr. Strickland. "The symposium may also assist in identifying topics and techniques for incorporation into undergraduate lab courses."

Dr. Rouleauís interest lies in the science behind advanced techniques for oil and gas exploration and production.

"In particular, I have a keen interest in imaging complex earth-structures in three-dimensional details via distributed computer-grids," he said. "This aspect of my research is at the centre of my current work within the Geospatial Research Facility Group (led by the College of the North Atlantic, with SWGC as a partner) and is the focus of my collaboration with colleagues at the Universityof Californiaat Los Angeles and at Universities in South Korea."

Dr. Rouleau also has theoretical expertise in the characterization of examining the properties of complex materials such as petroleum reservoirs.

"The symposium is an excellent opportunity to explore possibilities of bringing both theoretical and practical facets of my research together, and in a way that could very well be applicable to our very region," he said.

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For further information, please contact Pamela Gill, communications co-ordinator, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, (709) 637-6200ext. 6134 or pgill@



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