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Source: McMaster University

McMaster tops rankings of Canada's research universities

October 24, 2006

Research Infosource Inc. released its 2006 rankings of Canada's top 50 research universities and McMaster, once again, placed among the country's best.

With a total sponsored income of $345 million, McMaster University ranked first in the country in research intensity--a measure of research income per full-time faculty member--averaging $308,000 per faculty member.

McMaster placed third in the Research University of the Year category based on its ability to attract and capitalize on its research income. It's the only Ontario university to have placed in this category every year since the ranking's inception in 2003.

The rating, based on Statistics Canada data, reflects total sponsored research income, faculty and graduate student research intensity, and the number of publications in leading journals.

According to Mamdouh Shoukri, vice-president (research & international affairs), the ranking is more than just numbers.

"We're where we are for one reason, and one reason only," he said. "It's the people--our researchers--who put us at the top. It's the people who conduct the research day in and day out. It's our faculty --among the best in the world--who continue to attract research dollars at an unprecedented rate."



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