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Source: University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa among Canada's top five research-intensive institutions

October 25, 2006

According to Research Infosource Inc., the University of Ottawa stands fifth among Canada's 50 research-intensive universities for the year 2006. When ranking universities by research intensity, Research Infosource considers the amount of research income per full-time faculty position.

As for total research funding (from both public and non-government sources), the University of Ottawa also makes the country's top ten, ranking eighth, a climb from 10th place in last year’s rankings.

In its Vision 2010 strategic planning exercise, the University set out to increase its research activity with the ultimate aim of joining the ranks of Canada's five best universities. "Achieving that objective is essential in securing the University's reputation as a national leader, and it's also how we can fulfill our mission as a creator of knowledge and our role as a socially responsible institution," says University of Ottawa president Gilles Patry.

"The University has now reached a critical milestone in its growth as a research-intensive institution," adds Mona Nemer, the University's vice-president of research.

Canada's Top 50 Research Universities List, is published by Research Infosource Inc. (Research Money).



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