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Laurentians Denis Mayer to lead Canadian Virtual University

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October 4, 2005

Source: Laurentian University of Sudbury:

Laurentians Denis Mayer to lead Canadian Virtual University

Mr. Denis Mayer, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs at Laurentian University, was named the new President and Chair of the Board of Directors of Canadian Virtual University-Université virtuelle canadienne (CVU-UVC). He replaces founding president Dr. Dominique Abrioux, also former President of Athabasca University.

Mr. Mayer has been involved with Canadian Virtual University since its creation in January 2000. "I am very proud of the achievements made to date," said Mr. Denis Mayer. "I look forward to working with colleagues on the board and the advisory committee to promote this exciting partnership of innovative Canadian universities as we look for new ways to increase access to higher education."

Canadian Virtual University is a consortium of 12 Canadian universities, including Laurentian University, that offer a collective catalogue ( ) of 1,500 courses and 250 degrees, diplomas, and certificates, entirely online or through distance education. CVU offers students greater course selection than they would have at any single university, as well as administrative fee savings when they take courses from partner universities. Universities benefit from joint marketing and student advising, and sharing of expertise and best practices.

With more than 17 years experience in the area of continuing education at Laurentian University, Denis Mayer has also served as president of the Canadian Association of Distance Education and as president of the Ontario Council for University Lifelong Learning. In 2004, the Réseau d'enseignement francophone à distance du Canada ( Canada 's Francophone Distance Education Network) presented this Laurentian employee an achievement certificate for his dedication and contributions to distance education in French Canada.

Laurentian University, a leader among Canadian institutions in the area of distance education, offers degree programs at the bachelor level in several subjects from the Arts, Professional Schools , and Sciences. Laurentian, in collaboration with its Federated Universities, offers the largest bilingual distance education program in Canada with more than 300 courses in inventory. As a result of its partnerships and collaborative agreements with several Canadian universities, Laurentian offers students several options to pursue their university studies.

For more information, please call Mr. Denis Mayer, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs at Laurentian University, at (705) 675-1151, ext. 3940 or

Paul de la Riva
Public Affairs
Laurentian University
Sudbury, Ontario
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