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Snakes (and humans) In Space lecture to explain impacts of weightlessness on people
University of Waterloo | October 11, 2006
A former scientist from NASA will explain how humans can counteract the physiological effects of weightlessness during a lecture entitled Snakes In Space....[continue]

McMaster gears up for Terry Fox Run
McMaster University | September 13, 2006
Great strides have been made in the race against cancer, but there are still many more steps that need to be taken. This Sunday, Sept. 17, thousands of people across Canada will participate in the Terry Fox Run to raise awareness and funding for cancer research....[continue]

CFI awards more than $1.4 million to six University of Alberta researhcers
University of Alberta | June 21, 2006
The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced today that it has awarded the University of Alberta more than $1.4 million to support six projects ranging from oil sands engineering to the effect organic contaminants have on human and wildlife health....[continue]

London Scientists to Share $12.7 Million for Medical Research
University of Western Ontario | April 20, 2006
Health research in London got a $12.7 million boost today from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

U of C celebrates 40 years with 40 outstanding alumni
University of Calgary | April 6, 2006
What do Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Charlie Fischer (Nexen president and CEO) and his wife Joanne Cuthbertson (the next chancellor to the U of C), Evan Adams (actor and physician), Robert Thirsk (one of only eight Canadian Space Agency astronauts), and Vicki Adams Willis (Decidedly Jazz Danceworks co-founder) have in common?...[continue]

Alberta Hip and Knee Replacement Project reduces wait times
University of Calgary | December 19, 2005
An interim report finds that during the first eight months of the Alberta Hip and Knee Replacement Project, the new care pathway has met its goal to ensure patients receive surgery within four months of initial consultatio...[continue]

Six to receive Order of Ontario
University of Toronto | September 14, 2005
Six members of the university community -- all of them from the Faculty of Medicine -- are among the 29 recipients of the Order of Ontario for 2004, this province’s highest and most prestigious honour....[continue]

Study shows body checking hazardous to young hockey players
York University | February 6, 2005
Body checking should not be allowed in ice hockey for boys under the age of 14 because of the risk of serious injury, according to a study by York University and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)....[continue]



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