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Carleton University Students and Administration Reach Agreement on Framework for New Student Building

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September 29, 2005

Source: Carleton University:

Carleton University Students and Administration Reach Agreement on Framework for New Student Building

(Ottawa)—Carleton University's Board of Governors today approved a proposal, in principle, from the Carleton University Students' Association (CUSA), the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) and the University Administration for a framework to construct a new Student Building on campus.

"We are absolutely delighted over this groundbreaking joint venture," says President David Atkinson, "as it signifies a whole new way for the Administration and student groups to work together to enhance the student experience at Carleton."

The proposed building, which would be subject to certain conditions, would house student-run services and the University, CUSA, and GSA are continuing to explore the possibility of a shared space. It will be constructed in a prominent location on campus making it an accessible and featured focal point for students.

"Students are very excited to see the Board acknowledge the importance of a space for students run by students," says Carole Saab, President of the Carleton University Students' Association. "A student-run building will foster a stronger sense of community."

Lorna Coombs, President of the Graduate Students' Association, agrees. "Students have worked hard for this day. We are very happy that the Board has recognized the value of this project and we are eager to reach a final agreement."

The idea for a new Student Building began a year ago when CUSA and GSA first approached the University with a proposal to develop a broad framework for a new student owned and operated building. While all parties agreed that there was a need for such a building, it took over a year of negotiations to iron out the details of a framework that includes:

  • CUSA and GSA will maintain and operate the new facility subject to a lease agreement with the University.

  • The University will own the building.

  • The design and construction of the building will be managed jointly by CUSA, GSA, and the University.

  • The University will endeavour to find the most competitive financing possible. CUSA/GSA will automatically transfer the fees that are now collected to support student services in the University Centre to support the same services in the new building.

  • A dispute mechanism will be included in the lease agreement to ensure the timely completion of the building.

    The next step will be for CUSA, GSA, and the University Administration to work together to finalize the details of the spaces required in the new building.

    Meanwhile, phase one of the $17 million renovation to the University Centre will be completed in April. Phase two takes place next summer. Highlights of this new space include a new two-storey galleria, a new market-style dining room that will include a fireplace lounge and wireless Internet access, a sports bar featuring large-screen TV, a "Terrace" and an "Overlook Lounge" with soft-seating.


    For more information:
    Lin Moody
    Media Relations
    Carleton University
    520-2600 ext. 8705

    Carol Saab
    President, CUSA
    (cell) 240-2110

    Lorna Coombs
    President, GSA
    (cell) 314-6735

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