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Science Seminar Series presents BU's Dr. Bernadette Ardelli
Brandon University | November 14, 2006
On Tuesday, November 21 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Brandon University's Dr. Bernadette Ardelli, (Department of Zoology), titled Picking Sides in the Biological Arms Race: Parasites Are Winning the Battle but Who Will Win the War?...[continue]

Malaspina University-College student studies tongue-eating parasite
Malaspina University College | November 14, 2006
A passion for parasites led Malaspina University-College Biology student Aya Murakami all the way to Ireland....[continue]

Science Seminar Series presents BU's Dr. Pamela Rutherford (Department of Zoology)
Brandon University | November 8, 2006
On Tuesday, November 14 from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Brandon University Science Seminar series will present a talk by Brandon University's Dr. Pamela Rutherford, (Department of Zoology), titled Skinks on a hot sand slope: habitat preference of the northern prairie skink (Eumeces septentrionalis)....[continue]

PhD candidate takes U of T to heartStudent finds passion in teaching, research and learning from mentor
University of Toronto | October 24, 2006
Nesime Askin was a fourth year physiology student on the St. George campus when a review paper she wrote for a course changed her life....[continue]

Science Complex Open for Tours Oct. 26
University of Guelph | October 19, 2006
The U of G community is invited to tour Phase 2A of the science complex Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m....[continue]

Brandon University Alumni Association 2006 Alumni Awards
Brandon University | October 12, 2006
The Brandon University Alumni Association (BUAA) presented its 2006 Awards at the BU Fall Homecoming Banquet on September 30, 2006....[continue]

Elizabeth Dawson becomes Brandon University's first Environmental Sciences graduate
Brandon University | October 3, 2006
Brandon University is pleased to announce that, in October 2006, Elizabeth Dawson will become the first graduate of the Brandon University Environmental Sciences program, which was introduced in September 2003....[continue]

Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment to present performance portraying Rachel Carson "Patron Saint of the Environmental Movement"
Acadia University | September 29, 2006

Unusual island evolution happens faster than thought
McGill University | September 19, 2006
In evolutionary circles, giant rats and miniature elephants have long been accepted as the products of accelerated evolution in isolated environments such as islands, but McGill paleontologist Virginie Millien has been the first to establish just how quickly these odd-shaped animals got that way....[continue]

U of A Celebration of Teaching and Learning honours best and brightest
University of Alberta | September 8, 2006
The University of Alberta honours more than 400 of its best and brightest teachers and students today at the 11th annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning....[continue]

Exemplary Staff Honoured at Community Breakfast
University of Guelph | September 7, 2006
Five outstanding U of G employees were named recipients of the President’s Awards for Exemplary Staff Service today. President Alastair Summerlee presented the honours during the annual community breakfast, which attracted more than 1,000 people....[continue]

Sex is Good for Evolution: UBC Researcher
University of British Columbia | September 5, 2006
UBC evolution biologist Sarah Otto has proof that sex is good for you -- and the human species as a whole....[continue]

St. George Street will be accessible to incoming students
University of Toronto | August 30, 2006
City construction project ongoing...[continue]

Brandon University welcomes zoology professor and researcher Dr. Bernadette Ardelli to its teaching staff
Brandon University | July 12, 2006
Dr. Austin F. Gulliver, Dean of the Brandon University Faculty of Science has announced the appointment of Dr. Bernadette Ardelli to the full time teaching staff of the faculty’s Department of Zoology. Dr. Ardelli joined BU on June 20, 2006....[continue]

UTSC photo contest showcases hobby photographers
University of Toronto | July 10, 2006
Winners’ work will hang in graduate student lounge...[continue]

Hygiene Science Institute at Brock, added bonus for students studying Applied Health Sciences
Brock University | July 4, 2006
Hygiene, to most, is often taken for granted, but it is a significant topic because of its importance to a healthy and safe life....[continue]

CFI to fund new McGill research on aging, infectious diseases, reproduction and muscle cells
McGill University | June 21, 2006
Four exceptional McGill researchers from Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and the Institute of Parasitology have been awarded a total of $709,796 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for projects that will enhance the understanding and diagnosis of diseases and conditions from muscular degeneration to African sleeping disease....[continue]

Invading Bullfrogs Pose New Threat to Native Frogs
University of Toronto | June 12, 2006
The sonorous night-time bellowing of North American bullfrogs is sounding an alarm to two University of Victoria biologists, who fear that the invasive giants may be spreading a deadly disease to native frog species....[continue]

Alison Keple receives Mal-U Alumni Horizon Award
Malaspina University College | June 5, 2006
Alison Keple, a Grade 12 science teacher with "infectious enthusiasm and a passion for teaching" is this year’s winner of Malaspina University-College’s Alumni Horizon Award....[continue]

Summer Convocation June 12 to 15, Five to Receive Honorary Degrees
University of Guelph | June 1, 2006
The University of Guelph will award some 2,600 degrees and diplomas during eight convocation ceremonies June 12 to 15 in the Gryphon Dome....[continue]

$1-million grant helps launch Centre for Community Service-Learning
Wilfrid Laurier University | May 29, 2006
Freshmen at Wilfrid Laurier University hit the streets to shine shoes for a cystic fibrosis fundraiser even before they crack their first textbook....[continue]

Congratulations to Brandon University’s Spring 2006 graduates!
Brandon University | May 29, 2006
On Saturday, May 27th, Brandon University held its 2006 Spring Convocation at the Keystone Centre Main Arena in Brandon....[continue]

Awards of Excellence honour U of T community's outstanding citizens
University of Toronto | May 11, 2006
Annual awards sponsored by alumni association...[continue]

U of T gets 17 new Canada Research Chairs
University of Toronto | April 28, 2006
Program supports innovative researchers...[continue]

Environmental Contaminants and Their Impact on Reproduction
University of Western Ontario | April 25, 2006
A leading expert on environmental contaminants will speak to an audience at The University of Western Ontario later this week in a community currently debating the cosmetic use of pesticides - presently a hot topic in Canada. Louis J. Guillette Jr. is also expected to touch on how pollution may have contributed to the steady decline in the proportion of male births at a First Nations reserve near Sarnia, a fact that came to light when the community questioned why there were three all-girl baseball teams and only one all-boy....[continue]

First annual LGBTOUT awards presented
University of Toronto | April 13, 2006
In recognition of outstanding LGBTQ community work and anti-oppression activism, two fourth-year students were recipients of the first annual LGBTOUT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Transgendered of the University of Toronto) awards April 6....[continue]

UBC Creator of First Drug for Most Common Cause of Blindness Wins Top Canadian Science Prize
University of British Columbia | March 21, 2006
A University of British Columbia Chemistry researcher and creator of one of the world’s most successful eye disease treatments has been awarded the 2005 Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering, widely recognized as the country’s most prestigious science award....[continue]

Lecture explores how geology shaped ancient Egyptian society
University of Toronto | March 17, 2006
The search for geologic resources prompted massive technological and transport development...[continue]

Zoology professor awarded 2006 Steacie Fellowship
University of Toronto | March 13, 2006
Six university professors to receive major NSERC research award...[continue]

An alternative take on organic chemistry
University of Toronto | February 16, 2006
Lecture will highlight key contributions by Canadian chemists...[continue]

UBC Researcher Proves Environment Can Change Mate Preferences, Create New Species
University of British Columbia | January 27, 2006
Fellow diners make excellent mates -- at least when it comes to stickleback fish, according to a University of British Columbia study that provides the clearest evidence to date that local adaptation can change mating preferences....[continue]

Anthony 'touched lives': Man who built academic foundation at Nipissing dies
Nipissing University | January 3, 2006
Desmond Anthony, a renowned expert in parasites and one of the first facultymembers at Nipissing University, died Monday night after a battle withcancer....[continue]

Dino-mite discovery
University of Calgary | November 24, 2005
A new species of horned dinosaur with distinctive spikes and a flashy shield around its head has been unveiled in a scholarly journal....[continue]

From Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to childhood obesity: McGill highlights some of its best health research
McGill University | November 18, 2005
Medical researchers traded test tubes for pointers today, as they presented their newest findings to the Montreal public at McGill's inaugural Health Fair....[continue]

Forensic science expert to speak at Laurentian University
Laurentian University of Sudbury | November 10, 2005
Dr. George Carmody, a widely recognized expert in population genetics, will be at Laurentian University to present a lecture entitled "Identification of Humans Using DNA" on Thursday, November 17, at 8 p.m., in room C-304 of the Classroom Building....[continue]

Dr. Roberta Bondar Reappointed to Second Term as Trent University's Chancellor
Trent University | November 7, 2005
Trent University is pleased to announce that a recommendation by the Senate Executive to reappoint Dr. Roberta Bondar as Chancellor of Trent University for a second three-year term was unanimously approved by Senate on November 1, 2005....[continue]

UBC Researchers Explain Why Females are Better Off Choosing Unattractive Mates
University of British Columbia | October 7, 2005
"Ladies choice" isn’t just a dance routine, it is also a driver of species evolution -- and two UBC researchers may have found a reason why....[continue]

Parasites, people and pets
McGill University | September 14, 2005
Don't let parasites bug you. Getting information about them and how they interact in our daily lives can help put some of your concerns at ease. That is one of the goals of the Centre for Host-Parasite Interactions....[continue]

Mount Allison offers assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina
Mount Allison University | September 7, 2005
Mount Allison University is lending a helping hand by offering US students affected by Hurricane Katrina a chance to continue their studies....[continue]

McGill experts offer insight on Katrina aftermath
McGill University | September 7, 2005
Professors available for comment on the implications of Hurricane Katrina....[continue]



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