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Arts Scholarships in Quebec

Arts scholarships awarded in Quebec for higher education students in Canada. Includes scholarships, awards, prizes and bursaries provided in Quebec in the field of Arts.

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Arts Scholarships by Province

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Arts Awards, Bursaries, Prizes and Scholarships in Quebec

Marjorie S. Dewitz BursaryConcordia UniversityFaculty of Arts and ScienceDepartment of Political SciencePolitical Science
Mark and Mildred Goldenberg Fellowship in Social WorkMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsSchool of Social Work
Marlene Pring Memorial ScholarshipConcordia UniversityFaculty of Arts and ScienceDepartment of PhysicsBachelor of Science: Physics
Marusia and Michael Dorosh Master's FellowshipAll UniversitiesEducation, History, Law, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Women s Studies, Library Sciences
Mary Coppin ScholarshipsMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
Mary Keenan Scholarship in EnglishMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsDepartment of English
Mathias Bielski PrizeMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsDepartment of Sociology
Matthew Czerny AwardConcordia UniversityFaculty of Fine ArtsMel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Maurice and Sara Greenblatt Memorial ScholarshipsMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsModern Languages (other than English), History
Maurice Goldenberg Memorial ScholarshipMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsDepartment of Political ScienceGovernment, Constitutional Law, Public Administration
Max and Jennie Schwartz AwardMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsDepartment of Jewish Studies
Max and Jessie Kaufman Memorial Scholarship in Judaic StudiesConcordia UniversityFaculty of Arts and ScienceJudaic Studies
Maya Lightbody BursaryBishop's UniversityDivision of HumanitiesDepartment of Fine Arts
McCall MacBain FellowsMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
McGill - Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection Research Grants ProgramMcGill UniversityFaculty of ArtsDepartment of Art History and Communication Studies
McGill Alumnae Catherine I. Mackenzie ScholarshipMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
McGill Alumnae Georgina Hunter ScholarshipMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
McGill Alumnae Hilda Diana Oakeley ScholarshipMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
McGill Alumnae Isabella McLennan ScholarshipMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts
McGill Alumnae Society PrizeMcGill UniversityFaculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Education, Schulich School of Music, Faculty of Religious Studies

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