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What Chemistry Students Learn

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Studying Chemistry in Canada

Chemistry students learn how to analyze problems and apply them to real-world situations. In order to learn this, they must have the proper background. To learn chemistry, students need to understand algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, as well as be able to work in scientific notation and perform unit conversions.

In introductory chemistry classes, students learn about the parts of the atom and how atoms form bonds with other atoms. Stoichiometry is an important concept to understand. Students learn about how matter reacts in predictable ways so that they can balance chemical equations, and about the different states and how matter transforms itself from one state to another.

Students investigate solutions, gases, acids and bases, kinetics, and atomic and electronic structures. They also study thermochemistry and physical chemistry, where they learn about the relationships between matter and energy.

Students learn about the periodic table and practice doing chemical reactions. This occurs in laboratory settings where they get to experiment with various chemicals, get reactions, study the resulting compounds, and analyze the data. Students learn how to use the physics and biology of various reactions in order to perform biochemical, organic, or analytical chemical experiments. As well, they learn to use computers for modeling purposes, and also learn how to use chemical laboratory equipment such as mass spectrometers and titrating devices.

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Study Chemistry in Canada
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