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Research in Geophysics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Geophysics.

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Geophysics Research Areas and Disciplines

Geophysicists use instruments to measure physical properties such as density, electrical resistivity, electrical fields, radioactivity of rocks, velocity of sound waves transmitted through the ground, changes in gravity and magnetic fields of the Earth, and reflection of radio signals from rocks near the Earths surface. These investigations are used to better understand the Earth and can be used for practical applications. One example is studying the Earth's core by analyzing seismic waves. Using supercomputers, geophysicists can map irregularities in the Earth's core. Geophysics calculations have shown that the Earth's outer core may consist of alternating layers of liquid and solid material. As well, by mapping seismic waves, scientists can track seismic events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, which in the future may lead to better early warning systems and more robust buildings.

Geophysicists have also pushed forward the frontiers of computer applications. They use specialized computer skills and many are actively involved in the development of hardware and software. Their efforts often result in computer applications capable of complex graphics that can then filter to other academic areas, the military, and eventually recreational aspects such as computer gaming.

Petroleum geophysicists are always analyzing seismic data in an attempt to discover new deposits and how to reach them. They are also designing and testing new instruments, writing computer software for field computers, and experimenting with different ways of conducting their surveys.

Study and Work in Geophysics in Canada

Study Geophysics in Canada
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