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About Town Driver Education

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About Town Driver Education Ltd. offers a wide range of driving courses for first time drivers and experienced drivers alike. Located in Grande Prairie Alberta, the institute provides flexible class schedules and free student pick-up. Students may also use the institute's SUVs for road tests.

About Town Driver Education Ltd. conducts its classes in a smoke-free environment, with professionally experienced instructors on hand and 4-wheel drive SUVs provided for the driving courses. Courses are also available for parents or co-drivers in order to assist young drivers in becoming more confident and responsible on the road.

Driving courses consist of both class instruction and in-car instruction. Driver exams are also booked for the students. The institute offers specialized courses for novice drivers, which includes instruction on under the hood inspections and brush up lessons. A licensed driver certification course is available for experienced drivers looking for insurance reductions.

A working driver course is available to professional drivers who are interested in improving driver awareness, driving habits, decreasing insurance costs and reducing vehicular accidents and injuries. Specialty courses are also offered in defensive driving, which covers the Highway Traffic Safety Act and road rules and regulations. Essential driving tips are also given, especially concerning winter driving and steps that should be taken when stranded in the snow.

About Town Driver Education Ltd. driving courses are designed to help novice drivers become confident behind the wheel as well as help more experienced drivers brush up their skills.

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