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BC Helicopters

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British Columbia Helicopters focuses on imparting Quality Flight Training from its ideal location in the mountains, producing licensed helicopter pilots. Students get to learn the advanced skills that are required to operate in a global environment. Since BC Helicopters also functions as an operating charter, students can get hands on experience in what to expect on a daily basis in the helicopter business. Students can enroll for commercial and private licenses and an Advanced Mountain Flying course that has the approval of the BC Forest Service and the Helicopter Association of Canada.

The School uses the Schweizer 300Cbi helicopter for its exceptional safety record both for charter flights and flight training. Courses offered by BC Helicopters are of varied durations and content and include 100 Hour Commercial Helicopter License, 105 Hour Commercial Helicopter License with Night Rating, 45 Hour Private Helicopter License, 60 Hour Alternate Category Commercial Helicopter License, Foreign Conversion Course, Mountain Course, Endorsements, and Flight Instructor Rating.

When students complete 100 flight hours and the necessary ground school hours, they appear for a written Ministry of Transport exam for Commercial Pilots and pass a Ministry of Transport Flight Test after which they receive their Commercial Pilot's License from Transport Canada. BC Helicopters awards them a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Thereafter, students are assisted with job placements.

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  • 100 Hour Commercial Helicopter Licence
  • 105 Hour Commercial Helicopter Licence with Night Rating
  • 45 Hour Private Helicopter Licence
  • 60 Hour Alternate Category Commercial Helicopter Licence
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