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Chinook Helicopters

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From the year 1982, Chinook Helicopters has helped its students’ careers take off on a flying start and today, is one of Canada’s most sought after flight training schools. An exciting career awaits students in the helicopter industry as VFR (Visual Flight Rules) commercial and charter pilots. Some students build flight time and experience in the charter industry and then diversify into IFR or Instrument Flight Rules offshore work, middle management administration as chief pilots, operations managers etc. and helicopter flight instruction. Chinook has accredited and highly qualified commercial instructors to ensure that their students receive the best training possible.

Programs offered by Chinook are Commercial Pilot, Commercial Pilot - Alternate Category, Commercial Pilot - Foreign Conversion, Private Pilot, Approved Mountain Training, Advanced Commercial Operations Training, IFR Rating, FAA License Training, and Class 4 Instructor Rating.Both the BCFS Approved Mountain Training Course and the advanced commercial operations training are their most preferred training courses for licensed pilots who want to improve their flight skills and upgrade.

Chinook Helicopters Flight Training School is accredited by The Private Career Training Institutions Agency.

The placement rate at Chinook is approximately 75%, making them the No.1 in Canada.

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  • Advanced Commercial Operations Training
  • Approved Mountain Training
  • Class 4 Instructor Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot - Alternate Category
  • Commercial Pilot - Foreign Conversion
  • FAA License Training
  • Private Pilot

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  • Instructor and Teacher Training
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Pilot Training

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    1. Chinook Helicopters

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